“Presentation and Communication Skills are the pivot of your success in mainstream practice”

- Christian Nix



Presentation and Communication Skills

I ought to know.

I was fortunate enough to avoid Chinese medical school and so never had to ‘unlearn’ all of the habits and lingo that prohibits success and alienates physicians and mainstream medical professionals.

Be honest about your career!

Are you where you want to be?

Are your student loans hanging around like a bad odor?

Where will your career be in 3 – 5 years if you continue down the path to mediocrity, struggle and failure that so many acupuncturists and holistic professionals have already tried?

Break through to Mainstream Practice Success!

Presentation, Communication and Teacher Training Skills Course (15 CEU’s)


HBA Bonus Templates and Done-for-you presentations with commentary for you to ‘steal’ and implement so you know how to present a compelling talk on any topic in holism in a way that ignites interest and inspires collaboration with mainstream medical professionals.

Learn how to PRESENT a Grand Rounds style talk to Physicians and your Value goes up ENORMOUSLY and IMMEDIATELY.

Let’s face it . . .

Holistic professionals who learn how to present and communicate effectively with the Mainstream are going to THRIVE in this era of healthcare reform.

This is the KEY SKILL that gave me the opportunity to launch Hospital Based Clinics on two continents!

It's THAT Important!

After you learn this one essential skill . . .

Your Career will never be the same!

Learn how to:

Present a talk on a chosen aspect of TCM to a group using sound presentation skills

Use research to strength their presentations

‘Close the deal’ by using peer feedback to determine your effectiveness in presenting

Prepare an article for publication

Prepare a class to offer to the public or other health professionals

Who is it for?

Do you know the ‘secret language’ for presenting and communicating with physicians and mainstream medical professionals?

Chances are, you don’t. How could you?

This is something not taught in any school.

In fact, it isn’t being taught by anyone, anywhere . . . until now!

The gap is getting wider between the clueless new-age types and those few acupuncturists and holistic medical professionals who ‘get it’ and have learned:

What phraseology works to ignite interest in physicians and mainstream medical professionals so you can enjoy top-tier status and success in hospitals and mainstream settings and gain consistent physician referrals from multiple sources

What not to say and how to avoid being labelled as a new-age hack.

If you don’t yet know and understand the exact phrases, concepts and objections that turn physicians either indifferent or downright dismissive of new edge holism, then you cannot expect mainstream success in this era of healthcare reform

How to position yourself as the MVP (most valuable practitioner) in your area and community to aid physicians in mainstream settings and to position yourself for prestige and gigantic income potential.


Presentation and communication skills are the pivot of your success in the 21St Century healthcare.


Learn the ‘best-practices’ and set yourself apart from your peers.

If you’re ready for a radical change in your career trajectory,

You need to equip yourself with the skills and insights that will produce:

Gigantic income potential and

Lasting career satisfaction.

Let’s face it . . .

There is no possible way you were ready to run a business by the time you graduated.

No school prepares graduates for that.

The school’s only interest is to get you to pass the exam.

This is all they care about because this is what they use to market to new prospective students.

“We have a 100% passing rate.”

But passing the certification exam is actually no big deal and it does not put even one dollar back in your pocket.

So, if you’re frustrated and even bitter that you paid $60,000 - $80,000(or more!) for your education and are no closer to a living-wedge career than before . . .

You’re definitely not alone.

But there is a way out of this situation . . . . and I can show you how.



Shorten your learning curve!

Save yourself years of struggle and start learning ‘best-practices’ for

Presenting and Communicating with mainstream professionals.

Our Presentation and communication skills clarifies all everything you need to know about effective communication
within the mainstream.

CLICK HERE to listen to what past students have to say.

With Presentation and Communication Skills, you get:

How to give a professional presentation so you can outshine any and all competition in your area and speciality

How to handle objections from difficult audience members so you always come off like a pro who understands their questions and confusion even better than they do!

How to write an article or create a course for any audience on any topic in holism so you can distinguish yourself as a teacher and thought leader in the growing field of holism

• Done-for-you letters and templates for reaching out to mainstream settings and administrators that allows
you to:

How to give a professional presentation so you can outshine any and all competition in your area and specialty

How to handle objections from difficult audience members so you always come off like a pro who understands their questions and confusion even better than they do!

How to write an article or create a course for any audience on any topic in holism so you can distinguish yourself as a teacher and thought leader in the growing field of holism

• Sample presentations that you can ‘ethically steal’ from me and tailor to your audience for presenting like a
pro who understands

What physicians need to know so they send you continuous referrals

How to make yourself valuable to the mainstream in a way that makes you a key player and go-to person within a mainstream setting


You Can Settle For “So-So” Results In Your Career . . .

Or You Can Take Action RIGHT NOW during this NEW era of

healthcare reform!

BONUSES: Here are the 6 great Bonuses I have put together for this limited time offer . . . and when you see how much I have that can move your career into the mainstream, you won’t want to miss any of it
Bonus #1:

First, you get actual video presentations of the talking and various Grand Rounds both at Mercy Hospital and also at the world-famous Cleveland clinic.

I share with you the exact psychology I have used to reach physicians again and again, time after time.

It works!

So pay attention and model this approach.

You will learn the exact structure and content I use when creating a presentation to physicians.

It doesn’t even matter what your topic is.

The structure remains same – even if your exact content must change for a given audience – you will still have a cut-and-paste formula for doing this quickly and successfully.

Imagine the credibility this gives you where you can confidently teach physicians about what you do in a way that makes sense to them and when you can confidently handle their exact objections and legitimate questions!

Bonus #2:

You get bonus templates and scripts for getting face-to-face meetings with a physician or mainstream administrator.

These are the best and most effective way to convince them to give you a meeting?

Do you know how to show up in total control of that meeting so that when you arrive they are ‘pre-sold’ on including
your service in their facility? Well, you will.

This is the exact system I pioneered when I pitched my first and second hospitals to include my services

And . . . It worked both times.In fact I was granted cart blanche to use internal medicinal formulas and to use the clinical
space as a teaching facility . . . not once, but both times!

So you can be sure that what I will share with you will be of huge advantage in your quest for mainstream success.

But listen to this . . . I have one final bonus for you during this initial offer.

Bonus #3:

How to Pitch the Head of Pharmacy about including herbal prescriptions. This is ENORMOUS! When you have the ability
to prescribe, you just gave yourself the power to use the greatest combination of therapies in the entire Chinese medical system – acupuncture/moxabustion and internal medicine.

This is the EXACT presentation I used to pitch the Head of Pharmacy at Mercy Hospital in Chicago. When you see how thoroughly we prepared our pitch and the bases we covered, you will understand both the level of preparation you too
had better aim for and also why it was so easy for them to agree to allow us to use our full scope of practice.

Bonus #4:

Presentation on Holism and Cancer. This was a talk I did for the Cancer Treatment Centers of America at their
Conference on Integration in 2012. This is a valuable template for you for any talk you will eventually offer because it is about an enormously difficult and complex topic in front of a high-level audience and it contains the EXACT elements
that will make you a star in any presentation scenario.

Bonus #5:

For some strange reason, the topic that nearly always gets ‘short shrift’ in school and in the CEU world is Business and Ethics. That’s why I created my own course on how your ethics and your business success go hand-in-hand – so you
don’t have to become one of the starving and failed acupuncturists who gives up exhausted after a short ‘career’
wondering ‘what happened?’

Do you understand the specific ethical dilemma of the holistic practitioner? Well you better! Almost no one anywhere is willing to make an honest assessment of what makes holistic ethics slightly different and more demanding than the
ethics of conventional medicine.

If you don’t know what this dynamic is, you won’t be able to recognize the exact situations that inevitably arise as part of holistic practice and when you need to be on high-alert to avoid the common trap and pitfall that nearly all new practitioners of holism fall into. I wish someone had set me straight about this early in my career!

Bonus #6:

Since I truly want to help the serious and most dedicated in our industry to make an impact on our beleaguered
healthcare system,

I will gift you a one year membership to my Mainstream Practice Management Digest and Mainstream Practice Consulting and Mentoring group to grant you access to my new subscription site.

At $87 per month this is over a $1,000 value free.

This is my highest level group-coaching service and it gives you live monthly call-in teleseminar coaching so you get your questions answered quickly by the best and most cutting-edge players on the cusp of mainstream integration.

I promise you this . . . You will never hit a dead-end in your quest for inclusion, prestige, better income and career satisfaction in the mainstream where you’re stuck spinning your gears and scratching your head until you finally shrug
and give up.


That’s the power of coaching.


It took me over 13 years and one epic struggle to bring all these cutting-edge insights to you.

I suppose you could repeat all that struggle if you want . . .


But why?


The Mainstream Practice Management Digest and Mainstream Practice Consulting and Mentoring is the first and only coaching group of its kind to take seriously this effort towards mainstream inclusion and it is hosted by the only
crew capable of giving you the real scoop on what works. So if you want in . . .


This offer is the lowest price and most affordable I will ever make it.


But because I can only coach a limited number of people, you

must be one of the first 25 to take advantage.


That means you will you will get,

• 15 CEU’s (which you have to get anyway) good for NCCAOM and CAB continuing education credit

• And your bonus 3 hours of video demonstrations and commentary

• Plus your print templates and commentary

• And your free bonus membership to my mastermind coaching group – $1044 value!

• Your FREE BONUS COURSE: Business and Ethics in TCM (15 CEU/PDA’s)A $347 value!


All for $1597 – delivered.


Yes Christian! I Want to FINALLY learn how to communicate with physicians and mainstream administrators in a way that allows me to get respect and inclusion during this NEW era of healthcare reform so I solve the constant worry over finding the next patient!


• I realize that presentation and communicating with the mainstream is the best skill I can have as a practitioner and
business owner…and that even if I know how to talk the lingo of holism to other practitioners that I STILL need to learn
how to meet physicians where they are.

• I understand that by learning the basics of communicating with mainstream professionals that I will have opportunity after opportunity to speak with and educate physicians about what I do and how I can help them with some of their most difficult patients during this era of maximum anxiety in our medical system.

• I know that I’m tapping into your 13 years of experience working with and alongside mainstream medical physicians
and administrators with this course and that I won’t have to go through the same trial, error, and heartache you had to
go through to discover these secrets.

• I also know that I have 30 days tosee for MYSELF how my improved communication skills will lead to better profits, prestige and authority positioning within mainstream medicine. And I know I can always return it within 30 days for a FULL REFUND for any reason at all!

• …. I’m ready! Please ship me my copy of Presentation and Communication Skills and all my BONUSES so I can make
my career what I always wanted when I first got into medicine and gain the security of knowing I am valuable at the
highest level of medical practice and can definitely cut it anywhere!


Presentation and Communication Skills +Business and Ethics for TCM $347 FREE BONUS Presentation VIDEO AND TEMPLATES(Included) + 1 Year Subscription to Mainstream Practice Management Digest and Mainstream Practice Consulting and Mentoring group with access to my members only website



Bonus #7:

And if you make your move before this offer ends on Sunday at midnight.

I will give you 1 free ticket to our next live Mainstream Practice Fast Implementation Boot Camp - another $447 Value FREE


Altogether that’s over $2900 in training and CEU material for $1597.


You can even pay in 5 monthly installments of

$335 / month

So click the button below and let’s get you started on the greatest professional journey you will ever be allowed to take . . .

The journey towards mainstream success.

nca**All Course approved by NCCAOM and California Acupuncture Board for CUE/PDA credit.

100% Iron-Clad Money Back Guarantee: If you don’t agree that HBA training is worth what you paid, I don’t want your money. Simply say so within 30 days of receipt of your materials and I will refund your purchase price.