Ultimate Clinical Skills

In the era of healthcare reform, your best shot at major league success and financial reward lies at making it in the Mainstream medicine. To achieve this, your diagnostic skills and clinical applications must be hospital-quality.

Your treatment outcomes and the testimony of your satisfied patients is still your very best marketing strategy.

Our clarifies all of your fundamentals (which many practitioners think they learn in school, but actually still don’t know).

to listen to what past students have to say.

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I Ching for TCM and

Qigong for Common Patterns in Chronic Disease

For Practitioner Self-Care - A $644 Value

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Have you truly mastered hospital-quality diagnosis with pattern discrimination?

If not, physicians will know you are a new-age faker.

If not, you are simply not ready for the mainstream.

Recently Redwing Books sent an email offering a 5 volume set on pathophysiology. This element of diagnosis is cited as the ‘missing link’ for Western practitioners. This is what I have been saying and teaching for 5+ lonely years. If you don’t understand disease causes / disease mechanisms in holism, you cannot make the system work for you because the logic simply won’t be there . . .


Do yourself a favour and give your career a boost.

Clarify your core clinical essentials

If you truly commit to this, your practice becomes easy, your clinical outcomes more effective and you will ‘wear’ your expertise as you should...


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I Ching for TCM

Qigong for Common Patterns in Chronic Disease

A $644 value worth 27 CEUs

*No program currently available so completely prepares you for Mainstream Practice Success. is the exact program I teach to my students and clinicians at our hospital internships in Chicago and the Guatemala Externship on Lake Atitlan. The program is a PROVEN system you can use to achieve massive success in the mainstream during this era of healthcare reform. If you don’t make your move toward mainstram practice now, you will almost certainly not get another. The Practitioner Self-care module contains my two most popular and loved courses.

Guarantee: If you don’t agree that HBA training is worth what you paid, I don’t want your money. Simply say so within 30 days of receipt of your materials and I will refund your purchase price.