You just discovered the one skill-set that can finally clarify your understanding of holism . . .

“What Everyone In Chinese Medicine MUST  Know About The I Ching In Order To Be A Real Player In The Mainstream . . . Without Being Seduced By New Age Stupidity.”

Look, if you want serious clout when dealing with conventional physicians and serious clarity about the holistic system, then you need to have a working knowledge of the I Ching . . . WITHOUT THE NEW-AGE BAGGAGE.

Let's face it, if you're like most Chinese medical students and practitioners, then you are dealing with some serious questions, confusion and professional challenges.

The most important of these is ultimately about how to make a great living by helping people through your Chinese medical practice and with your Chinese medical skills.

I have lots more to share about the money side of that equation; so stay tuned.

But one of the most important and valuable things you can do to get in a position to charge top dollar and make great money in your career is to finally clarify your understanding of the holistic system . . . AS A SYSTEM!

If you are secretly confused about the holistic system and honestly don’t know how all your school learning is supposed to fit together . . .  I have several important things to tell you:

  • You’re not alone
  • You don’t have be embarrassed, frustrated or confused anymore
  • Almost no one got out of school with a real and clear understanding of holism as a system
  • know exactly how you feel

That’s why I created: 

I Ching for TCM Practitioners

Don’t be part of the bitter and disillusioned crowd who:

  • Bash conventional medicine out of total ignorance and disempowerment
  • Complain about school debt or the unfairness of our second-class status in the medicalworld

There is no power in either of the above 2 postures and – no matter what your specific situation –

Your Best Move Is To Do Something About It

And Get Busy Adding Value To Your Career!

You see, so many people in Chinese medicine have a romantic and totally unrealistic idea of what we actually offer to the world of medicine.

I even meet “professional” who tell me they are shamanic practitioners!

Oh boy . . . Now I'm not saying that there is no basis for or value to the folk and spiritual traditions of ancient Asian medicine.

But obviously there has been some progress in science in the last several thousand years.

**PLEASE NOTE: Just because something is ancient, doesn’t automatically make it superior!

What everyone needs to know about the shamanic aspect of Chinese medicine is how it resembles and strongly validates the findings of modern, quantum science.

Now, I admit, this takes a HIGH level of comprehension.

But the real winners will accept this fact and start clarifying this essential issue.

While the whiners will find excuses.

That much never changes!

So which one are you?

Just imagine having serious, 30,000-foot, professional-quality understanding of integration in medicine!

(psssst) . . . Here's a little secret:

You see, clarifying the proper use and importance of the I Ching is not really what you think it’s about.

It’s really about understanding the thinking that goes along with the holistic system.

The I Ching teaches you how to THINK holistically!

          Not Only That, Once You Know How To Think Holistically,                       

You Also Realize That . . .       

The I Ching Is The Ultimate Guide For Understanding And Thinking According To Pattern Discrimination.

Now, you can study the I Ching like it’s some kind of magic book about ancient esoteric wisdom . . .    Or you can learn how the I Ching relates to:

  • Western genetic science
  • Quantum physics
  • DNA and the evolution of your psyche

And – perhaps best of all – you can learn this without all the New Age Bullshit. 

**WARNING: If you really love the whole New Age trip, this course is NOT for you. But if you really want:

  • Serious clarity about the holistic system,
  • A powerful advantage over other New Age practitioners, Massive leverage in communicating with mainstream conventional physicians,
  • Empowerment and clarity about the real issues and challenges inherent in East-West integration in medicine so you can talk intelligently with any audience about the most complex topics,
  • And, if you liked the free short course I sent you . . .

I GUARANTEE you will love the full I Ching for TCM Practitioners course.

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I Ching for TCM Practitioners is approved for 15 CEU/PDAs for California and NCCAOM Professionals

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Christian Nix is a graduate of the first-ever Master’s degree program for integrative healthcare administration.  Prior to obtaining his degree, he completed a 5-year apprenticeship in acupuncture and holistic Chinese medicine while living in the rural highlands of Guatemala – allowing him to achieve Board Certification in 2005.  He currently runs training ‘boot camps’ and hospital externships to aid other licensed acupuncturists in their efforts to make an impact within mainstream medical settings.  He is the author of 6 books including, Tao of Integration, Hospital Based Acupuncture Essentials, Bridging the Chasm: How to Talk to Physicians About What Matters to THEM! (which he co-authored with Dr. Raford) and Patient Empowerment and Self-care.  In addition to his teaching schedule, Christian has been a top-performer among acupuncturists on-board cruise ships.  He has lectured at medical conferences from Jerusalem, Israel to Colombia, South America and is a frequent contributor to industry publications on the topic of mainstream practice.  Christian is also an avid dancer and an aspiring super-hero and family man.