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Anyone Interested In . . .

A Masters Class On MD Referral Traffic

Look . . . everyone who has spent the money to graduate from a Chinese medical college is aware of the unique value we provide to beleaguered 21st century patients and to our somewhat incomplete modern medical system . . .

  • End the struggle to get paid what you deserve . . .
  • Set yourself on a road to financial success . . .
  • THE KEY to breaking $10,000 a month . . . That you were never taught in school!

The trouble is . . .

Other people outside our profession don’t understand what you and I actually do . . .

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All the clinical skill in the known universe doesn’t guarantee you any actual revenue . . . or even a living wage.

But there is one skill that DOES guarantee your success and I am going to tell you how you can master this skill in just a moment.

I don’t know about you, but I didn’t get into medicine to be broke or to live like a slave because of student debt.

Fortunately we don’t have to.

There is one little-known skill that is fast and easy to master,

That can absolutely make you a top earner in our profession, and that no one else is focused on . . .

Even Though It Is BY FAR The #1 Most Important

Skill Required For Career Success In 21st Century Practice.

Don’t believe me?

You will. Hang in there with me about the next 15 minutes and you won’t have any questions left.

Most people get out of school with enough student debt to ruin any possible chance of financial freedom and actual abundance . . . for the rest of their lives.

I have friends who are shouldering as much as $80,000 in debt and they've been out of school for over 10 years!

That's almost nauseating and definitely depressing.

If your student debt is hanging around you like a bad odor, you better face several important facts about the reality of your situation . . . quickly.

  1. No one is going to bail you out from your financial sinkhole,
  2. And there is no reason for you to stay so deeply indebted.

Look, the more control and responsibility you take for your own financial situation, the faster you can emerge from such an oppressive debt burden.

And if you happen to have zero debt, good for you. But you are still going to want to hear what I have to say if high-level career success matters to you.

In my humble opinion, far too many people in our struggling profession fail to take the making of money seriously.

The horrific statistic that 50% of Acupuncturists quit within five years is actually worse than many cancer survival rates!

That's appalling when you consider just why it is happening.

Let’s be honest here . . .

It’s not because . . .

Acupuncture doesn’t work,

And it’s not because 21st-century patients don’t need what we have to offer.

So why is it then?

Look, no matter how you parse out the facts and details, it still comes down to this . . .

Neither the medical system nor the individual patients in the patient population really have any clue about . . .

  • What we do,
  • How it works (if it works)
  • How to identify a legitimate and high-quality Acupuncturist and Chinese herbal medicine practitioner

You can do all the social media marketing, build the nicest website in the history of the Internet, and give away free treatments at every health fair on the planet until you drop dead . . .

None of these approaches will even come close to the #1 most important and most effective way to get . . .

  • High-quality, compliant patients . . .
  • Who pay top-dollar and who don't argue with you about your expertise . . .
  • From the essentially infinite ocean of mainstream 21st century patients . . .

I am talking about how to get a never-ending supply and steady-stream of patients from MD referrals.

Now there is really only one skill required to get these patients . . . and in our modern, smart phone, social media, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook (You twit face?) society where people literally prefer to stare at a screen than to talk to someone next to them and where lots of folks no longer even know . . .

How To Speak Intelligently . . .

I know this can sound shocking when you first read it,

But, you must learn to reach out to and communicate effectively with MD physicians . . . Period.

Now here’s the catch . . .

Not only is this skill not at all difficult, it's totally formulaic.

To be honest, it's so simple and straight-forward, I can teach you everything you would need to know in about one hour . . .

And in fact, that is precisely what I have done (in 51 minutes to be specific) . . .

In my . . .

A Masters Class In MD Referral Traffic

Check it out . . .

Now relax . . . If you are thinking to yourself, "Wow Christian, I wouldn't even know where to begin . . ."

Let me just tell you that you begin exactly where you should begin when you want to persuade anyone about anything.

You begin with what matters to THEM!

You acknowledge and address their exact concerns and questions about Acupuncture.

These are – as I said above – totally formulaic.

Remember MDs are all basically trained the same and all inculcated with more or less the same thinking. Therefore, they tend to have the exact same questions, concerns and skepticism.

Once you know what these points are . . .

You can easily reverse engineer your presentation to address these items – point by point.

Believe me when I tell you that this is not difficult.

Because the truth is that MD physicians are fascinated by a logical explanation of Acupuncture that:

  • Meets them where they are . . .
  • Answers their questions in a language they understand and respect . . .
  • Makes sense according to their biomedical training . . .
  • Eschews any and all reference to new age nonsense . . . and that . . .
  • Has research to back up what is being explained . . .

That’s it. That’s all there is to it . . .

And that is why I created the . . .  A Master Class On MD Referral Traffic.

Now Here's The Best Part . . .

You get to "ethically steal” what I have done in this 51 minute video template – a presentation formula PROVEN to work, time after time in setting after setting . . . in some of the most powerful, well-known and demanding Western medical settings in the world. That’s why I created it!

You not only get my expert presentation to MD physicians created and tested over a 12 year period . . .

And PROVEN to work in places like Cleveland Clinic and half a dozen other medical centers and conferences on four continents and in every conceivable specialty for any MD in any field . . .

You also get the actual research material and slides from an MD colleague of mine who created this material specifically to reach his fellow MD colleagues and to teach them what they need to know about acupuncture, how it works, what constitutes legitimate research and how best to determine who to hire.

So . . . I ask you . . .

How Could You Access Greater Expertise . . .

Than An Actual Presentation Done For MDs . . .

By An MD And A Fellow LAc???

You can’t!

There is no greater source of expertise available anywhere for acupuncturists to impress our MD colleagues and to inspire the kind of confidence that results in steady referral traffic.

Here’s just a partial list contained in the slides and my 51 minute video template.

  • Do you know the epidemiology and 21st century patients well enough to speak directly to our MD colleagues about what most concerns THEM?
  • Do you know the top 4 enrolling questions you can use to prepare your audience to respond so your presentation to MDs is a hit . . . guaranteed?

I actually give you my #1 best enrolling question so you know you have them from the start and that you wont lose them along the way.

Hint: Knowing how to ask enrolling questions – i.e. leading questions that lead your audience to appreciate your depth of knowledge and to seek greater professional collaboration – turns your audience members into putty . . . putty!

  • How much time should you devote in a one hour lecture to proving to MDs that you know your s#!*?

Hint: They really need to know that you know.

  • Can you post slides with validated research from major sources they recognize and trust about how Acupuncture works?
  • Do you know how to emote during your talk at the right time so you are real and approachable and obviously on their side?

Do you even know what it is OK to emote about when you are presenting?

  • Do you have a prepared story about your career that illustrates a point about what we do and makes you appear reliable and worthy of greater inclusion in their eyes?
  • Can you appreciate MDs interest in and curiosity about acupuncture to the point that you are smooth and confident in using this “fascination advantage” to your benefit?
  • How important is that you cover the issues of cost and cost savings?

What really are the big headaches for MDs and mainstream medical professionals?

  • Do you know how to punctuate important teaching points with lightning-fast summaries of your major points so you don't lose them?

Could you talk about, say . . .

  • Newtonian vs. quantum physics . . .
  • Neuroplasticity . . .
  • Neurotransmitter production, function and absorption,
  • ANS dysregulation and Acupuncture's affects on central nervous system response . . .

Maybe most importantly of all . . .

Do You Know The 4 Biggest, Worst And Most Costly Comorbidities In 21st Century Medicine That Frustrate All Doctors Everywhere?

If Not . . . It Is Worth Your While JUST To Find Out This One Point Because It Gives You All The Leverage You Will Ever Need In Showing Value To Conventional Medical Colleagues.

  • What should you tell them about “here’s what I do best”?

Hint: Is there a specific result MDs are all seeking or is there a frustrating condition they mostly want you to address?

When could you just flat out declare that, "that's what I do best" . . . And know that they will believe you? And know that they will give you a shot because they so want help with certain patients and conditions?

  • What are the major sections of the brain that would be strategically useful to mention?

Are there conditions you can help that relate to brain function in the way you should explain?

  • Are you confident and competent to speak about this connection between the most frustrating comorbidities and the latest brain function research?

Can You Imagine What It Would Do For Your Career If You Were Confident And Competent To Speak About This?

  • Do you know how to speak about the neural networks?
  • Why is it important to bring this up and touch upon neural networks?

And how can you do this without coming off like you know something better than you ever will and not half as good as they already do?

  • How can you show deference to the high-level training and education while simultaneously setting yourself apart from the New Age crowd?
  • What's the one phrase you can say over and over and still create a positive impression that tells them you know your stuff?
  • How can you shoot down New Age, poor quality practice while building trust and bridging the communication chasm?
  • What is it they need to know that you know about the research?
  • What is the important Market Dynamic in 21st century healthcare that you must use when you seek to motivate MDs and administrators to incorporate your service?
  • How can you phrase your proposition as an interesting businessperson so they know you are offering collaboration and value?

Why is it essential that you don’t skip this step and that you make it totally clear and unambiguous?

What is the best way to do this without coming off too forward or too salesy.

  • Why must you do a demonstration of your skills and what really is the point and goal of needling audience members?

Hint: - Caution – if you get this wrong, the rest of your presentation may not matter. There is one way to do this right and 100 ways for it to blow up. My suggestion is that you learn how to demo the RIGHT way.

  • How and why should you emphasize needle response so you clarify what you offer and catapult yourself to high-quality practitioner in their eyes . . . In just one simple statement and killer demo?
  • Do you understand basic human psychology well enough to use their fascination with your topic to your advantage?
  • Do you know how to climax your audio-visual presentation and how to wrap up with a killer last summary statement that may just bring them to their feet? (No kidding)

This actually happened to me at Cleveland Clinic and it has happened in other settings where I work alongside MDs.

Hint: Obviously this is not easy with skeptical scientists but if you wrap up the right way, they will be clapping you on the back by the time you leave.

  • What's the fastest way to answer their number one question and why must you bring up in quickly in breaking down pattern discrimination?

Do you know the best way and the easiest example for how you do this so they get it the first time that you’re at?

  • How should you talk about STRICTA and CONSORT guidelines?

Why must they hear from you about research guidelines? Obviously . . .

What should you share about these guidelines?

  • How can you have tons of supporting slides in your PowerPoint . . . but not get bogged down into minutiae?
  • How do you use their skepticism about placebo effects and reel them in using their own their curiosity

And that’s just the video segment . . .

If you answered NO to any of the above . . . You NEED my new training . . .

A Masters Class

On MD Referral Traffic


I will also walk you through all of the supporting documents . . .

Look at what else you get with A Masters Class On MD Referral Traffic


  • BONUS Article Template so you can see exactly how I think when I create material to share with MDs . . .

A bonus template on an article on I wrote on Chronic Pelvic Pain explaining to MDs what we do.

This is as plain black-and-white, clear structure for how you must think when you present to MDs as you can possibly have. Use it!


How To Maximize Insurance Revenue – No Matter What insurance Providers In Your State Cover!
  • This is a special, “totally legal" way to bill insurance for maximum payment – even if they don't cover acupuncture where you live.

This is no joke but it is legitimate and totally legal.

Hint: Obviously it is not an insurance code but it has to do with how you set up your business relationship . . . and you want this clear FROM THE START!

And Now The Big Moment Of Truth . . .


How To Transition To Your Close

  • What is the one thing you must establish in order to transition to your close successfully?
  • What are they scared of and how can you use your expertise in value to leverage their willingness to work with you?
  • Do you know how to get your audience to agree with you before you make an offer to help them?

Hint: if you know how to structure and agreements close… You're at least 50% more likely to end up doing business with them. So, learned.

My Friends,

This Is The Information I Would Have Killed For At The Beginning Of My Career . . .

But . . . I couldn’t find it . . . So . . .

I went and created it . . .

Which Means You Don’t Have To!

Learn what already works from someone who has been there and done it.

  • Do you know the epidemiology of 21st century patients? I didn't . . . But you better! The first section details the exact frustration that MDs face in treating 21st century patients whose conditions are not responding to conventional care.
  • Do you know the four most costly and most difficult-to-treat comorbidities in all of modern medicine? I didn't . . . But you better if you expect to be taken seriously because nothing says, “I am an amateur” louder than coming in and telling an audience of MDs that acupuncture treats everything under the sun or that. “gee, I don’t really know what it is best at treating . . .” The fact is, the conditions that respond least to mainstream approaches . . . are the ones that respond best to what you and I do!

Now that you have their attention . . .

  • Do you know the latest biomedical explanation of how acupuncture gets it's therapeutic benefits? I didn't . . . but you better because it is like a hurdle you must clear to be taken seriously by any audience of MD physicians and you can bet your last dollar that they are going to ask you and expect you to have something accurate and compelling – and that you can converse easily in BIOMEDICAL lingo!

In fact, nothing gives you more legitimacy and credibility than learning how to speak about this topic in biomedical lingo.

  • Do you know about the STRICTA Guidelines for Acupuncture research? I didn't and I have yet to meet even one practitioner in a thousand in our profession who has even heard of this acronym or who can tell me anything about it . . . But you better know it because they will want to hear about what does and does not constitute legitimate research criteria.

So you had better learn about it because this is how you confidently educate MDs about what is and isn’t legitimate research – and set yourself apart from all the lazy hacks in our profession who are sure to get left behind in the move toward mainstream inclusion of acupuncture.

Look, I could go on and on . . . For about 51 minutes . . .

But that is for another setting.

The bottom line is this . . .

From the placebo question to the issue of how to integrate your services into their existing practice to get paid consistently (and paid well) . . .

This program has it all.

There is no one else in our profession with more knowledge, expertise and experience on this single, essential topic . . .

And there is no training program more tightly put together than this one for getting you from zero to MD Referral Success and for becoming a top-earner in the acupuncture world than . . .

A Masters Class

On MD Referral Traffic

Don't believe me? Have a look for yourself.

No offense, but other practitioners and so-called practice development gurus have nothing to add on this essential subject. Nothing.

I could goof on all the other poor attempts I have seen on this topic and to tell you the truth I am genuinely disturbed by some of the BS out there sold by people with zero credibility and apparently no self respect either.

Because they literally don't know the first thing about this essential topic and still pretend that they have something to sell.

I won’t name any of these jokers by name because . . . Why would I even bother to give them that much attention?

You can go look and decide for yourself and good luck to you if you try to learn anything from anyone else on this topic.

Hospital Based Acupuncture Training is the only source for real expert learning on the topic of how to impress MDs and earn MD referral traffic.

In fact, I even guarantee it or you can have every dollar back because I won’t want your money . . . as you’ll see below.

What makes me so confident?

First of all, I have lived it.

You can go to my personal website and check out my story. No one has really done what I have in the acupuncture and Chinese medical world in North America.

I have been places, met people, done things and been allowed access to places and persons whom others in our profession have never even heard of.

And I have done this across my entire career and usually in the face of great criticism from many of the self-styled big shots and self-important phonies in our struggling profession.

But – as you’ll hear below – no one has done more to help more people on the #1 topic in our industry for 21st century practice success.

No one has spent more real time in the trenches learning and even blazing a trail on this one essential topic than I have . . . not even close.

But don’t just take my word for it . . .

Here’s what other folks I have trained have to say . . .

"Thank you so much for your e-book Bridging the Chasm! The parts about the seven most commonly asked questions by doctors and the section on research really helped me feel confident and comfortable when I had the opportunity to answer questions about acupuncture at a Complementary and Alternative Medicine Fair for medical students."

Genevieve Boyer, LAc - (Edmonton, Canada)

"I’ve learned more here in two weeks than we did in the first two years of school."

Jackie Brown - Santa Cruz, CA ( About her HBA Externship Experience)

"I consider the education Christian Nix offers to be a series of master classes that help polish one’s understanding of Chinese Medicine and how it will succeed in the mainstream.

Clearness in thought translates to clearness in action. Christian offers classes that will sharpen your theory, needle technique and communication skills.

Christian Nix also has put together a world-class seminar on the ways to communicate and explore your work in a hospital setting. The next step for Chinese Medicine in the West is its inclusion in Western hospital settings."

Michael Jamlang - Chicago,IL (Mercy Hospital Acupuncturist)

"There are many hospitals in China have TCM departments but I only some in Taiwan. There are only three universities have Traditional Chinese medicine colleges. The oldest university with graduated students (8 years of training) usually chose to become western medical doctor before but more chose to become TCM doctors now.

I can see HBA will be the mainstream. It is good to have all chronic patients or pain, stressful patients in the hospital seeing an acupuncture physician just as they all need to consult with other professional doctors...I really appreciate your practical guide. You are a genius."

Dr. Choyan Hsieh (DAOM and Professor of Chinese Medicine)

"The most important thing about the training is the level of professionalism it gives you. So, going through the clinical training, you fill in any gaps that you may have inadvertently gotten as you went through school. It really sets a standard. It backs up the fact that what we practice is peer-reviewable. I also think the communication piece is the gem."

Maria Mulcahy (Clinic Supervisor- Mercy Hospital Chicago)

"How many professional acupuncturists are currently in the mainstream? Next to none. So a fresh-fish who got this manual might think that it is actually impossible to do.
Acupuncturists need to work on their communication. You have always preached this. As I have dropped more and more of my Chinese terminology and just speak in regular-talk to my patients, they really seem to understand much better what is going on.

In addition, being able to clearly articulate what is going on in English (not Chinese med lingo) the more I understand the medicine. I think this has to do with the inherent Western medicine background we ALL have. I am more comfortable with this and my patients are more comfortable with this. This is truly where we have to go to gain integration"

Kim Close ( Mercy Hospital Chicago Acupuncturist)

"Coaching with Christian Nix has been indispensable. I have taken courses with Christian, and went to the first Chicago Conference on Integration in Medicine at Mercy Hospital, which gave me a solid platform from which to launch my practice into the mainstream.

However, one-to-one coaching with Christian has given me the support to really implement my learning, and has helped me to practically problem solve and overcome many of the hurdles that come with integrating a TCM practice into the mainstream medical system.

Most importantly, working with Christian has raised my confidence level, and given me the tools to succeed. Christian brings his passion, dedication and years of practical experience to each coaching call. If you are looking to break into the mainstream, the best time and money you will spend is with Christian . . . honestly!"

Amy Lipsett ( Ontario, Canada)

"Whether or not you are seeking a career within a mainstream setting or simply looking to grow and elevate your own practice, Christian Nix is the absolute best resource for expediting your learning curve and full potential as an acupuncturist. Christian is without a doubt, the pioneer when it comes to educating the mainstream medical community and elevating acupuncture and East Asian medicine to its true potential – a potential that is in great need to serve the ever-growing patient population here in the U.S.

Christian’s expertise, practical insights and wealth of progressive coursework have been instrumental in growing my practice and career, not to mention saving me years of headache and struggle with direct mentoring. I have only been in practice for a short 4 years but feel privileged to have practiced acupuncture in every clinical setting imaginable.

Before working with Christian I didn’t have the skill set needed to broaden and execute my acupuncture practice in a way that would help me achieve my career goals and I certainly had no clear direction on where to begin. Quickly after diving into Christian’s coursework and attending his hospital based acupuncture “Boot Camp” I was able to implement drastic changes that jump-started my career path. I can say with true conviction that without being exposed to Christians progressive approach, I would not have been able to bridge the gap between East and West and would still be in the dark trying to figure out how elevate my career.

Utilizing the tools and mentoring Christian has provided I have greatly increased my clinical effectiveness and have successfully built strong referral relationships with various mainstream medical professionals and have even been asked by the medical director of a major University to speak to their entire provider group and administration about how acupuncture and East Asian medicine can benefit their patient population."

Cliff Thompson,LAc ( OCOM Alum 2010)

Look, if you want a system that works . . . Here’s what you need . . .

With A Masters Class On MD Referral Traffic, you get:

  • My 51-minute video template that you get to ethically steal and then use as your own . . .
  • Slides from my MD colleague Dr. Raford so you look like a total professional in front of any audience – and believe me when I tell you that you and I could never have come up with these slides on your own. Wait till you see them!
  • Supporting documents for crafting your presentation with real and proper sales psychology so you don’t become the best and poorest presenter in the acupuncture world but instead use your new ability to present to MDs to make real $ and finally get what you can prove you are worth . . . including: How to Sell Without Selling When Presenting to MDs . . .
  • PLUS . . . Learn how to earn the absolute maximum amount allowed by law from reimbursement and billing in one minute and without doing ANY paperwork – even if acupuncture isn’t covered by insurance in your location! I know it sounds ridiculous but I am telling you there is such a method and you need to know it.

Not only that but today I'm going to include a special bonus for those of you enthusiastic enough to get started today . . .

You can get your very own copy of Bridging The Chasm, How To Talk To Physicians About What Matters To THEM!

This book is my original collaboration with Dr. Raford and now a minor classic on this topic. There is no other source that more completely covers the essential points you need to consider than this simple and short eBook (with audio commentary).

Price vs. Cost . . . Let’s Talk Honestly

The regular price for A Masters Class On MD Referral Traffic is $1497 . . . PLUS your BONUS gift of $97!

Some people think that is a little stiff. And I agree that it is not cheap.

But . . .

Just stop and think about all the money you spent on your schooling . . .
Isn’t it worth it to you to finally finish what you started when you set out on your path in medicine and to actually learn . . .

How To Get Paid!

Why on earth do people in our struggling profession – where everyone knows the 5-year failure rate is over 50% - STILL refuse to change and go do what is necessary in order to make money?

Quite frankly . . . I just don’t get it.

How much is it costing you NOT to know how to communicate with and present your services to MDs?

If you think the price for A Masters Class On MD Referral Traffic is too much . . .

How on earth can you justify all the money you spent on getting a diploma when the school process itself doesn’t make you a single dollar and where the graveyard of bitter and broken acupuncture graduates continues to swell year-after-year . . .

When a small and select group of real players continues to make 2, 3, 4 and even 5 times the national average in terms of income? 5 X the INCOME!

Wouldn’t You Want To Know What They Are Doing That No One In School Ever Taught You?

Even at the full price of $1094, wouldn’t this material be well worth the money you paid if it gave you the real-world skill of learning how to impress and communicate effectively with MD physicians so you could actually relax and focus on your clinical work instead of freaking out about how broke you are?

Compared to your school learning or other CEU programs that teach you more and more worthless stuff that will never get you paid . . . $1594 is a mighty generous offer.

Now For The Even Better News . . .

I am not going to charge you the full price of $1594.

For a very limited time I am going to take it upon myself to open this material out to as many people as will take advantage of it.


Because I have an ax to grind with our profession and it actually works out to your benefit. Let me explain . . .

I am on the way out the door. I have done what I wanted to do and I am moving on to other adventures.

My time in Chinese medicine has been rewarding . . . but it has also been a struggle against idiotic administrators and other wannabe big-shots who meandered down the path of East West integration in medicine just far enough to pose as new age gurus who talk about the Asian thing in ways that are . . . pretty idiotic . . . and quite frankly I have nothing left to achieve or to prove – to them or to myself.

You cannot go higher than I have in our profession. There is nothing left to achieve after you have done what I have done. I tend to get bored when I feel I have conquered any given challenge.

As for my achievement in acupuncture and TCM . . . Mission Accomplished.

So I am practically giving this material away for a limited time and to whatever select group finds it and decides to take action.

Plus, if you sign up for my daily email sequence, I am even going to read and provide feedback for folks who get involved with this – my absolute last training program that I will ever create for acupuncture and Chinese medical people.

Now I cannot promise I will respond to every email I receive, but I will read them all and answer any pertinent questions that come up from people who dive into this work and who want to achieve what I did with regard to successful communication with MDs.

So, if you get started on A Masters Class On MD Referral Traffic, you can count on updates and continued support and learning.

Where Else Are You Going To Get So Much Focused Training And Commentary For Learning The #1 Skill In All Of Acupuncture And Chinese Medicine?

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At a time when no one else even has a clue how to achieve this feat and doesn’t even know where to begin, how could you possibly pass on such an opportunity?

You get:

  • A DONE-FOR-YOU presentation . . .
  • That you can ethically steal . . .
  • And go give in a matter of days –
  • Complete with short documents that provide all the coaching you need for having the right mind-set when facing a room full of skeptical MDs . . .
  • And for “selling” your service without coming off like an annoying sales person . . .
  • Along with actual supporting slides and research information done by an actual MD who OBVIOUSLY KNOWS what other MDs want to hear from you!

PLUS . . . don’t forget . . . you even get a copy of Bridging The Chasm, How To Talk To Physicians About What Matters To THEM!                


You can use Bridging The Chasm as a great reference and learning guide to deepen your mastery of this subject as it is packed with years of experience and insights as well as a crucial section about how to talk to MDs about the ‘placebo question.’

Get that one wrong, and your goose is cooked! So don’t skip over this essential bonus and all the years of valuable insights Dr. Raford and I have compiled in it.

The main-dish – your video template inside the A Masters Class On MD Referral Traffic member page is so thorough and complete that you will likely get everything you need from watching a simple 51 minute video and reading a few short articles by me.

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FOR ONLY $1497

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Christian Nix is a graduate of the first-ever Master’s degree program for integrative healthcare administration.  Prior to obtaining his degree, he completed a 5-year apprenticeship in acupuncture and holistic Chinese medicine while living in the rural highlands of Guatemala – allowing him to achieve Board Certification in 2005.  He currently runs training ‘boot camps’ and hospital externships to aid other licensed acupuncturists in their efforts to make an impact within mainstream medical settings.  He is the author of 6 books including, Tao of Integration, Hospital Based Acupuncture Essentials, Bridging the Chasm: How to Talk to Physicians About What Matters to THEM! (which he co-authored with Dr. Raford) and Patient Empowerment and Self-care.  In addition to his teaching schedule, Christian has been a top-performer among acupuncturists on-board cruise ships.  He has lectured at medical conferences from Jerusalem, Israel to Colombia, South America and is a frequent contributor to industry publications on the topic of mainstream practice.  Christian is also an avid dancer and an aspiring super-hero and family man.