ATTENTION: Struggling Acupuncturists!

"If You Are Silently Wondering If It Ever Gets Any Easier To Make A Successful Career That Pays You And Gives You  Freedom And Prestige,

Then I Have Important Information FOR YOU  Before You Slave Away At A Dead-End ‘Job’ For One More Day."

“Presentation and Communication Skills are the Pivot Of Your SUCCESS in mainstream practice and the NEW model of 21st Century Healthcare Delivery"  - C. Nix

I oughta know . . .

I was fortunate in that I had a mentor who taught me Chinese medicine and so I never had to ‘unlearn’ all of the habits and lingo that ingrained in people who attend school - which prohibits success and often alienates physicians and mainstream medical professionals. Look, there are certainly advantages to attending and completing a 3-4 year school curriculum. If you saw what I had to do and how much initiative it took for me to navigate all the details required to pass the national board exam, I assure you that most people would have said, “FORGET THIS!”

But for me, there was actually nowhere to run or hide. I knew that some part of my life’s journey required me to make it at the highest level and that – whatever the challenge and how-so-ever-difficult the obstacles – that I would have to find a way to succeed. I slept in a car on the street in a major city so that I could learn the source of the real secrets and real confusion that so hinders inclusion of holism in modern conventional medicine. I traveled the country and the world for more days and nights than I can remember, sleeping in airports and living on borrowed money and favors from friends until I was beyond exhaustion. No one has worked harder or been more favored by circumstance than I have. The mentors I discovered and the journey I have had makes me a totally unique entity in the Chinese medical world in North America. That is precisely why I can say with total confidence that you will not find this unique approach anywhere else.

Who Am I And Why Should You Listen To Me?

I have had an unusual adventure in medicine. In 1999, I was in the forest in Guatemala living in a tree house with indigenous Maya people. There, I met and befriended a ‘medicine man’ who became my mentor with whom I would go on to study for 9+ years. True story.

Most of what I have discovered and brought to others through my several books and training programs I really knew when I started. It is difficult to explain but all I know now, I knew when I set out. My journey was one of making clear what I knew and – of course – learning how to communicate my unique perspective on integration in medicine to others in plain and easy-to-understand language. Did I succeed? I certainly have done what I set out to do. Whether or not my message is easy for others to understand may be a matter of my communication skills; or it may simply be a matter of the complexity of the issue. In any case, it seems to me that very little has changed in the past 17 years.

I have written 6 books on topics ranging from East-West integration in medicine, how to succeed as an acupuncturist in a hospital setting, how to effectively communicate with physicians about what matters to them and my latest work intended to empower patients to a degree that no one else is really talking about.

I created a ‘fast implementation boot camp’ for people who want to go far, fast. And I have traveled from the Middle East to South America and all across North and Central America and made myself a valuable player in every setting.

I have lectured at the world-famous Cleveland Clinic as well as half-a-dozen other medical centers and universities from New York to California, with several stops in between. What I want you to get from my ‘rap-sheet’ is that I am not talking to you like lots of other CEU teachers who play to the whole new age appeal of acupuncture and Chinese medicine. If you understand – like I do – that such a perspective is self-limiting and self-defeating, then you will appreciate what I can do for you and your career. In brief, no one else in the Chinese medical world has more experience or better insight than I do on what it takes to break through to the mainstream and about how to succeed on terms that are best for you.

Before I detail for you what I have to share, consider also that – while I took nearly 15 years of full-time effort to put all the pieces in place and to make your success pretty much formulaic, you can take a serious short-cut to building your own career in the mainstream.

I have taught at not less than 12 schools in North America and I can tell you that there is a common denominator to the people who enjoy breakthrough success – just like there is a common denominator to all the practitioners who ‘just don’t get it’ and who end up throwing in the towel in disgust.

If you want to grow into a role that is not only beyond what you imagine but also actually beyond what most of you can imagine right now, then take very seriously what I have to offer.

Be Honest About Your Career!

Are you where you want to be?

Are your student loans hanging around like a bad odor?

Where will your career be in 3 – 5 years if you continue down the path to mediocrity, struggle and failure that so many acupuncturists and holistic professionals have already tried?

Can you imagine what it would do for your life and career in medicine if you could walk into any mainstream setting and be considered a serious professional and valuable addition to any organization lucky enough to have you and your skills and insights? That is exactly what I have done and it is exactly what I want for others who have the guts to get busy and to take what they desire

Break Through To Mainstream Practice Success! INTRODUCING . . .

Presentation And Communication Skills Core Competency Training

This totally original and one-of-a-kind program gives you all that you need – from A-Z – to create a successful and satisfying career in any mainstream setting, and gets you treated like a valuable member of the big-time of modern medical practice and delivery.

Not only do you get actual samples of the work and presentations I created that got me invited into not one but two separate hospitals on two continents and within which I was given carte blanche to do exactly what I needed and wanted to do – and that even allowed me to use my hospital space as a teaching clinic where I have mentored other students – but you also get to ‘hear’ my thoughts in the form of empowering commentary for you to ‘steal’ and implement so you know how to present a compelling talk on any topic in holism in a way that ignites interest and inspires collaboration with mainstream medical professionals.

Plus, I actually break down the step-by-step process that many practitioners are not only ignorant of but also intimidated by – and give you the exact documents and material you will need to make your run a mainstream inclusion.

If you learn how to PRESENT a Grand Rounds-style talk to Physicians, your value goes up ENORMOUSLY and IMMEDIATELY.

Let’s face it . . .

Holistic professionals who learn how to present and communicate effectively with the Mainstream are going to THRIVE in this era of healthcare reform.

This is the KEY SKILL that gave me the opportunity to launch Hospital Based Clinics on two continents!

It’s THAT Important!

After you learn this one essential skill . . .

Your Career will never be the same!

Before I detail for you what exactly is contained in this empowering and one-of-a-kind training program, let me first tell you . . .

Who Is It For . . . And Who Is It NOT For?

Do you know the ‘secret language’ for presenting and communicating with physicians and mainstream medical professionals?

Chances are, you don’t. How could you?

This is something not taught in any school.

In fact, it isn’t being taught by anyone, anywhere . . . until now!

The gap is getting wider between the clueless new-age types and those few acupuncturists and holistic medical professionals who ‘get it’ and have learned:

  • What phraseology works to ignite interest in physicians and mainstream medical professionals so you can enjoy top-tier status and success in hospitals and mainstream settings and gain consistent physician referrals from multiple sources
  • What not to say and how to avoid being labelled as a new-age hack.

If you don’t yet know and understand the exact phrases, concepts and objections that turn physicians either indifferent or downright dismissive of new age holism, then you cannot expect mainstream success in this era of healthcare reform.How to position yourself as the MVP (Most Valuable Practitioner) in your area and community to aid physicians in mainstream settings and to position yourself for prestige and gigantic income potential.

Students who do well with my material and who tend to go furthest, fastest are already self-motivated and self-responsible. They tend not to take offense when they realize that their school learning was woefully incomplete with respect to the actual skills required to make actual serious income in the real world.

The people who don’t do well with what I have to offer tend to think that just because they finished their schooling and paid a ton of money for their degree and because they passed a fairly easy board exam that they are somehow owed a good living with automatic respect and prestige. Big, BIG mistake. That is the exact attitude that guarantees you will never make the jump to big-time medical practice.

One of the things that I noticed immediately when working with and alongside mainstream MD physicians is just how much professionalism is present at every level and how little complaining and entitlement attitudes are tolerated. In their world, you either produce or you fold and go home. This is the main reason I prefer to work in the mainstream – Professionalism.

If you truly have the heart of a winner, there is really no ceiling on your success right now. I know a woman who makes about $25,000 a month simply because she has so mastered the art of presenting. Not a bad take for a few weeks work.

I also know people who were tops in their class at TCM college yet who are totally frustrated and delusional about what it actually takes to get paid in the real world. They tend to be against marketing in general and are opposed to the work required to learn how to communicate effectively about what we do. Think for a moment how stupid that attitude actually is – and by stupid, I mean it in the dictionary sense of, willfully self-destructive.’

Now look in the mirror and be totally honest – not for my sake but for your own: If you see someone who is humble enough to learn what no one has taught you and if you have the guts and backbone to make it in the big-time, then you can easily succeed at this time. If you really cannot tell yourself honestly that you are willing to make changes and learn new skills, then it is best that you and I don’t get involved on this topic.

Bottom line . . .

Presentation And Communication Skills Are The Pivot Of Your Success In The 21St Century Healthcare . . . PERIOD!

Learn the ‘best-practices’ and set yourself apart from your peers.

If you’re ready for a radical change in your career trajectory,

You need to equip yourself with the skills and insights that will produce:

  • Gigantic income potential and
  • Lasting career satisfaction.

Let’s face it . . .

There is no possible way you were ready to run a business by the time you graduated.

No school prepares graduates for that.

The school’s only interest is to get you to pass the exam.

This is all they care about because this is what they use to market to new prospective students.

“We have a 99% passing rate.”

I say, “Big damn deal.” I passed the national exam on my first try without ever even setting foot in a school so how hard can it be really?

Passing the certification exam is actually no big deal and it does not put even one dollar back in your pocket.

So, if you’re frustrated and even bitter that you paid $60,000, $70,000, $80,000 for your education and are no closer to a living-wage career than before . . .

You’re definitely not alone.

But there is a way out of this situation . . . . and I can show you how.

Shorten Your Learning Curve!

Save yourself years of struggle and start learning ‘best-practices’ for Presenting and Communicating with mainstream professionals.

My Presentation and Communication Skills clarifies everything you need to know about effective communication within the mainstream.

What more could you ask for?

Here Is What Past Students Have To Say . . .

"Thank you so much for your e-book Bridging the Chasm! The parts about the seven most commonly asked questions by doctors and the section on research really helped me feel confident and comfortable when I had the opportunity to answer questions about acupuncture at a Complementary and Alternative Medicine Fair for medical students."

Genevieve Boyer, LAc - (Edmonton, Canada)

"I’ve learned more here in two weeks than we did in the first two years of school."

Jackie Brown - Santa Cruz, CA ( About her HBA Externship Experience)

"I consider the education Christian Nix offers to be a series of master classes that help polish one’s understanding of Chinese Medicine and how it will succeed in the mainstream.

Clearness in thought translates to clearness in action. Christian offers classes that will sharpen your theory, needle technique and communication skills.

Christian Nix also has put together a world-class seminar on the ways to communicate and explore your work in a hospital setting. The next step for Chinese Medicine in the West is its inclusion in Western hospital settings."

Michael Jamlang - Chicago,IL (Mercy Hospital Acupuncturist)


"There are many hospitals in China have TCM departments but I only some in Taiwan. There are only three universities have Traditional Chinese medicine colleges. The oldest university with graduated students (8 years of training) usually chose to become western medical doctor before but more chose to become TCM doctors now.

I can see HBA will be the mainstream. It is good to have all chronic patients or pain, stressful patients in the hospital seeing an acupuncture physician just as they all need to consult with other professional doctors...I really appreciate your practical guide. You are a genius."

Dr. Choyan Hsieh (DAOM and Professor of Chinese Medicine)

"The most important thing about the training is the level of professionalism it gives you. So, going through the clinical training, you fill in any gaps that you may have inadvertently gotten as you went through school. It really sets a standard. It backs up the fact that what we practice is peer-reviewable. I also think the communication piece is the gem."

Maria Mulcahy (Clinic Supervisor- Mercy Hospital Chicago)

"How many professional acupuncturists are currently in the mainstream? Next to none. So a fresh-fish who got this manual might think that it is actually impossible to do.
Acupuncturists need to work on their communication. You have always preached this. As I have dropped more and more of my Chinese terminology and just speak in regular-talk to my patients, they really seem to understand much better what is going on.

In addition, being able to clearly articulate what is going on in English (not Chinese med lingo) the more I understand the medicine. I think this has to do with the inherent Western medicine background we ALL have. I am more comfortable with this and my patients are more comfortable with this. This is truly where we have to go to gain integration"

Kim Close ( Mercy Hospital Chicago Acupuncturist)

"Coaching with Christian Nix has been indispensable. I have taken courses with Christian, and went to the first Chicago Conference on Integration in Medicine at Mercy Hospital, which gave me a solid platform from which to launch my practice into the mainstream.

However, one-to-one coaching with Christian has given me the support to really implement my learning, and has helped me to practically problem solve and overcome many of the hurdles that come with integrating a TCM practice into the mainstream medical system.

Most importantly, working with Christian has raised my confidence level, and given me the tools to succeed. Christian brings his passion, dedication and years of practical experience to each coaching call. If you are looking to break into the mainstream, the best time and money you will spend is with Christian . . . honestly!"

Amy Lipsett ( Ontario, Canada)

"Whether or not you are seeking a career within a mainstream setting or simply looking to grow and elevate your own practice, Christian Nix is the absolute best resource for expediting your learning curve and full potential as an acupuncturist. Christian is without a doubt, the pioneer when it comes to educating the mainstream medical community and elevating acupuncture and East Asian medicine to its true potential – a potential that is in great need to serve the ever-growing patient population here in the U.S.

Christian’s expertise, practical insights and wealth of progressive coursework have been instrumental in growing my practice and career, not to mention saving me years of headache and struggle with direct mentoring. I have only been in practice for a short 4 years but feel privileged to have practiced acupuncture in every clinical setting imaginable.

Before working with Christian I didn’t have the skill set needed to broaden and execute my acupuncture practice in a way that would help me achieve my career goals and I certainly had no clear direction on where to begin. Quickly after diving into Christian’s coursework and attending his hospital based acupuncture “Boot Camp” I was able to implement drastic changes that jump-started my career path. I can say with true conviction that without being exposed to Christians progressive approach, I would not have been able to bridge the gap between East and West and would still be in the dark trying to figure out how elevate my career.

Utilizing the tools and mentoring Christian has provided I have greatly increased my clinical effectiveness and have successfully built strong referral relationships with various mainstream medical professionals and have even been asked by the medical director of a major University to speak to their entire provider group and administration about how acupuncture and East Asian medicine can benefit their patient population."

Cliff Thompson,LAc ( OCOM Alum 2010)

With Presentation and Communication Skills Core
Competency Training, you get:

Presentation, Communication and Teacher Training Skills Course (15 CEU’s)


    Do you know how to create a presentation to give in front of skeptical physicians and mainstream medical professionals about what you do and why it is so valuable right now. If you don’t . . . what are you doing about it?

    Learning how to present is the #1 most essential skill for acupuncturists in 21st century practice. And it really is so simple. It is totally formulaic once you know what they need to know. And once you grasp the simple and obvious questions that you need to answer for literally every mainstream medical professional and administrator you encounter, this skill also becomes fun and exciting. Every encounter with another physician or administrator becomes another shot a raising your status in the eyes of big-league medicine and gives you more and more clout among the people who can further your career success.

    With my unique training program, you get 4 live presentations on video and audio so you can ‘ethically steal’ what works from me and so you don’t have to work like a dog for years to figure it all out on your own. I not only give you 4 of my best presentations, I also detail what I am doing and why I am saying what I say so you can get the psychology behind the methodology. There is quite literally no other skill more important than this one for guaranteeing your career success.

    Learn how to give a professional presentation so you can outshine any and all competition in your area and specialty and so you can quickly and easily create winning presentations for any group of physicians or other mainstream professionals and administrators to get yourself noticed and respected IMMEDIATELY. Just one great presentation to the right audience can blow your career success wide-open . . . I know . . . I have done it! So follow what works and get where you want to go quickly before someone else beats you to it!


    You cannot get in to give a presentation unless and until you can approach someone in a position to make it happen. Fortunately, this is even easier than getting up to give a speech. No really. Think about it. Professional organizations like major medical centers are ALWAYS looking for someone to come do a talk. When I spoke at Cleveland Clinic in 2012, I literally made one phone call, told them who I was and why they should listen to me and they booked me and PAID ME to come talk at the most famous hospital in all of North America.

    So, I am also making available to you the exact scripts I use for getting your foot in the door. From first contact to follow-up to what it takes to set the agenda and show up in total control of the reality in the room – this is exactly what you need to do and be aware of in order to get invited in on terms that are best for YOU and so that you avoid the pitfalls of becoming just another visitor on their busy schedule. I even show you in 2 different drafts what another student of mine did so that you have examples not only of what to do, BUT ALSO what NOT to do.

    Some of this is pretty simple but once you see what you need to address, you will realize just why I included it so that you don’t make a wrong move and blow your whole deal.


    If you prefer to make an impact by writing instead of speaking, I even have you covered for that as well. Included on disk 1, you will find step-by-step directions on how to write an article for any audience on any topic in holism so you can distinguish yourself as a teacher and thought leader in the growing field of professional-quality holism and avoid the oblivion of being categorized along with all the other new age hacks out there. I even include a template that you can use so you don’t have to re-invent the wheel on this one. This is the exact format I used to get an article published in the Journal of Medical Acupuncture – which I have had physicians tell me they still use even after 4+ years since it so concisely articulates the important points they need to understand about holistic TCM. What more could you ask for? I am practically giving you a credential for publishing. All you have to do is apply a little effort to parallel my own thinking and effort and you too could submit your article for publication.


    I have to say that this was pure genius. The coup de grace of my effort at Mercy was that – unbeknownst to the administration – we had always intended to use our full scope of practice. That meant we needed to get buy-in from the head of the pharmacy department. This was no small feat as you can rightly imagine. The presentation I have for you is EXACTLY what I used and submitted to them – slide for slide. If you are in a position to pitch a hospital, you don’t want to give up 50% of your clinical arsenal simply because someone doesn’t want you to have access to your herbal formulas. What good is that to any serious practitioner?

    In this power point presentation, you will find all you need to make a serious case for why you should also be permitted to use internal medicinal formulas. I don’t need to point out that – whether they grant you permission or not, as they did me – that this makes you look like one hell of a serious professional who knows his game and who deserves to be taken seriously. What do you think THAT does for your career?


    This comes straight form my collaboration with multiple physicians. If you want to know how to communicate with your conventional colleagues without coming off like a new age idiot while simultaneously making yourself a valuable addition to their rolodex, then you need this letter template because nothing says, “I am different than any other acupuncturist you have yet to meet” like a professionally written letter that meets them on a level playing field.


    One of the items you will do well to have when you show up is a simple needs assessment. When I was working at Mercy Hospital in Chicago from 2012-13, my colleagues and I made it a point to create a simple poster project based on a survey of Resident Physicians at Mercy.

    This kind of due-diligence is how you get taken seriously from the get-go. You are welcome to use this very same poster as a means of showing your contact that you mean business (just be sure to give me credit please).

PLUS everything else you see in the screen shot below that I will not take the time to detail here. What price could I possibly put on this kind of offering? The fact that it exists at all and that you are seeing this message means that you have a HUGE head-start advantage over others who don't know it exists.

Check This Out . . .

Look . . .

You have to get CEU’s anyway. Why not spend the time and effort on the #1 most important topic that can bring you real-world success? It just doesn’t make sense to ignore this skill-set any longer.

If you think, "oh, but I can’t present in front of a group because (fill in the blank with whatever lame excuse you can think of because I have heard them all)."

Well, why not? You learned medicine. You really think talking about what you know is more difficult than working in clinic? Really? The reason most people are so afraid to get up and talk to an audience is simply because they have so little competence on their topic and because – like any other skill – it takes a little willingness to try and fail before you really get the hang of it.

**REMEMBER: You don’t have to spend hours and hours figuring out what already works. I HAVE DONE THE HARD WORK FOR YOUYou don’t have to go around talking to tons of physicians to find out what their questions are. I have already done the hard work for you. You don’t have to dig and dig to get to the root of the confusion that physicians have about what we do. All the essential teaching points and psychology so essential to your successful communication with physicians is already made clear to you in the sample video presentations and print commentary included in the HBA PRESENTATION AND COMMUNICATION SKILLS CORE COMPETENCY TRAINING.

I could charge (and have charged) as much as several thousand dollars for all of my expertise on this topic and it would be a fair price for all that you get in return. Plus, I have also coached dozens of people personally and made a fabulous return on my own effort during the years when I still had a desire to do one-on-one coaching. Now, I just want to ‘open-source’ this information for all who want to take advantage of it. If you think that could be you, then make your move today and get started toward a much more satisfying career than the one you are otherwise destined to have. There is so little competition that just making an initial effort means you are already in pretty thin company.

Is it worth a few hundred dollars and a few hours of hard work to make yourself a major player in your area? If you understand anything I have presented here, then your choice is really pretty straightforward. You can choose to keep doing what you are doing and getting the results you have been getting. Or, you can make a move to be included at the highest level of medical practice and start feeling the satisfaction and enjoying the fruits of being part of the small, pioneering group of TCM professionals who will set the pace for the next generation.

**All Courses approved by NCCAOM and California Acupuncture Board for CEU/PDA credit.

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you don’t agree that your HBA training is worth what you paid, I don’t want your money. Simply say so within 30 days of receipt of your materials and I will refund your purchase price.


"You Could Actually Take The Material Offered Above And Simply Go Out On Your Own As An Expert/Authority Figure To Create The Career You Dreamt Of When You First Got Involved In Your Study Of Acupuncture And TCM, Presenting To Physicians And Mainstream Administrators About The Fascinating Topic Of Acupuncture That More And More Of Them Are Seeking To Incorporate Into Their Existing Services!"

The hard work is done. It has been tested over and over, so you don’t have to wonder if it will work for you. What is it worth to you to be able to set yourself apart from the rest of the practitioners in your area and specialty? If you know how to impress and confidently communicate with physicians, then you are automatically in the top-tier of acupuncture professionals in North America.


No one anywhere denies that the biggest obstacle to inclusion is communication. Here you have my best stuff from over 15 years of effort and struggle. This essential material can dramatically SHORTEN YOUR LEARNING CURVE and set you on a path to mainstream success and major career satisfaction.

Don’t you secretly want the major-league prestige and satisfaction that comes from working at the highest level?

Wouldn’t it be great to be among the pioneers in the Chinese medical profession during this new era of opportunity and reform?

Wouldn’t you feel like a winner if you could convince and educate a room full of skeptical physicians about what you do and how valuable your service is to them and the patients they serve in a language they can respect and understand?

Then CLICK BELOW And Get Started NOW!

Yes Christian, send me PRESENTATION AND COMMUNICATION SKILLS CORE COMPETENCY TRAINING with my FREE BONUSES AND MY FREE BUSINESS AND ETHICS COURSE (15 CEU/PDA’s) for just $1597 so I can get started on my journey into mainstream medicine and so I can save years of costly effort and struggle by learning what works from people who have already achieved success in hospitals and mainstream settings.I want to know how to speak to physicians and mainstream administrations about what matters to THEM and avoid the obscurity of mediocre private practice.

Send me your work on the “Best Practices” for communicating successfully with physicians and mainstream professionals and administrators so I can make my own breakthrough to Big-time mainstream medical practice and so I can have the satisfaction of being the first one in my area and specialty to capitalize on this enormous opportunity of 21st century healthcare reform.

I’m ready and committed to making an impact at the highest level!


Christian Nix is a graduate of the first-ever Master’s degree program for integrative healthcare administration.Prior to obtaining his degree, he completed a 5-year apprenticeship in acupuncture and holistic Chinese medicine while living in the rural highlands of Guatemala – allowing him to achieve Board Certification in 2005.  He currently runs training ‘boot camps’ and hospital externships to aid other licensed acupuncturists in their efforts to make an impact within mainstream medical settings.  He is the author of 6 books including, Tao of Integration, Hospital Based Acupuncture Essentials, Bridging the Chasm: How to Talk to Physicians About What Matters to THEM! (which he co-authored with Dr. Raford) and Patient Empowerment and Self-care.  In addition to his teaching schedule, Christian has been a top-performer among acupuncturists on-board cruise ships.  He has lectured at medical conferences from Jerusalem, Israel to Colombia, South America and is a frequent contributor to industry publications on the topic of mainstream practice.  Christian is also an avid dancer and an aspiring super-hero and family man. 


100% Money Back Guarantee

If you don’t agree that your HBA training is worth what you paid, I don’t want your money. Simply say so within 30 days of receipt of your materials and I will refund your purchase price.