Attention Angry, Disappointed Or Dissatisfied Victims Of Modern Medicine . . .

“If You Are Currently Being Treated For A Chronic Condition,I Have Critical Information That You Must Hear Before You Suffer One More Day Or Slide Any Further Down The Slippery Slope Created By Big Pharma And Their Cronies That Will Have You End Up Taking Fists-Full Of Pills, Destroying Your Quality Of Life And Ending Your Days In Misery And Anger Because You Didn't Know That There Was A Better Option Available!”

There is only one person who can put a stop to the disturbing trend in our society and our medical system where more and more folks end up spending their golden years wolfing down pills and subjected to even ever increasing numbers of unnecessary and dangerous surgeries.

And that person is YOU.

Introducing: Patient Empowerment And Self-Care Training.

Worse yet is that more and more young people are being diagnosed with the kinds of serious chronic conditions once thought of as reserved for the very elderly and infirm. Now chronic conditions are the new normal. Just take a look at this:

  • World Health Organization tells us that 8 out of 10 people will die prematurely of a chronic disease
  • The prevalence of depression and anxiety has reached positively epidemic proportions and the diagnosis and treatment rates are nowhere near keeping pace with this trend
  • Chronic pain of all kinds has our medical system in a state of emergency over opiate use and abuse and conditions like arthritis and neuropathy show almost no improvement no matter what you throw at them

And that's only the tip of the iceberg . . .

  • Type 2 diabetes is now a global epidemic and it's only going to get worse
  • Cancers of all kinds - well even the best high-tech Solutions are still horrific for the patient to endure
  • Heart disease and stroke continue to claim untold numbers of victims and now risky surgeries like stints and vascular procedures are being revealed as more risky than many people previously thought and even judged useless by some authorities

So if you don't have anything useful and practical to do to escape this horrible and inevitable situation . . . why is anything going to be different for you or your loved ones?

The Hour of Departure – going to sea for the first time of many!

My name is Christian and before I tell the good news about all of this let me tell you a quick story:

Once upon and Adventure . . . A young and restless man set out on his path of life and - seeking new experiences - left a super-safe and pretty secure teaching job in Switzerland to go find his destiny.

He set out to sail around the world for the sea is his true love, but fate had other plans for him.

His one year commitment turned into a nine year apprenticeship and when this apprenticeship finally came to its natural conclusion, our hero found himself in possession of such a wealth of fantastic knowledge - literally dozens of treatments and remedies, tips and tricks that almost no one in his cultural of origin in North America had any idea or notion of - that he made up his mind to codify his learning and experience into a single training program that, thanks to the internet, anyone could access and learn and benefit from and could learn and apply a level of natural healing and unconventional medical approaches that are as effective as they are unknown and off the radar in mainstream Western culture.

Of course, I am that fella in the story and the program I created is called Patient Empowerment And Self-Care Training.

Nowhere else ever before has anyone compiled in one place in an easy-to-learn format more relevant and useful how-to information about natural healing and the kind of empowering indigenous wisdom that is largely in danger of being lost in the bright lights of modern science.

Now, just to be crystal clear . . .

Of course modern medicine is a miraculous achievement and we should all be grateful to our modern medical system. I know I am.

But unfortunately, it simply isn't designed - and in fact was never intended - to treat certain things.

The single most glaring shortfall of our modern, high-tech medical system is a conspicuous inability to help patients who suffer from a vast array of chronic “functional” conditions and chronic illnesses.

Sure. Lots of folks take pills and get short-term relief.

But then what?

More pills. Pills to reverse the side effects from the other pills and then another pill for the new condition that you got from the other pills that you took from your first condition - if you can even remember what that was.

Look there are reasons why modern medicine is stuck when it comes to chronic conditions and functional illness.

The first and easiest thing to understand is that high-tech medicine was – from the beginning and still is – a system designed for acute care of traumatic injury and illness.

Heck, we even have movies and TV shows that glorify the heroic doctor who saves the poor and helpless patient from dying right on the operating table right? And how do these heroic Dr.’s do that? Strong drugs and surgery - the exact 2 things no patients voluntarily want to go through and the exact things that have precious little benefit for sufferers of chronic disease and functional conditions and that often enough end-up making the patient with a chronic condition worse than he was before he started conventional treatment.

Sound familiar? It should because it is the same story that literally millions of 21st century patients are living over and over again. And it’s not going to change until you yourself get clear on what to do about it. Your doctor is only human and he or she is merely a product of their medical school training.

So what can you do? Is there any hope? Is there anybody who can help save you and your loved ones from such a fate – as that of a guinea pig in modern medicine?

Who can save you from the misery of the “pill cocktails” that's so many despairing patients now take?

Is there any way you can get you off the hook for multiple surgeries that most folks end up going through – with all the dangers and complications that always accompany such procedures?

Yes. There is a solution to this horrible trend and it comes from a culture so different from our Western culture that I know that some percentage of the people watching and listening to this will be tempted to disbelieve what I'm going to tell you next.

Never before has anyone made available to the modern 21st century patient an authentic version of the wisdom of this ancient culture’s medical system.

And just why should you care? Because the medical system from this ancient culture was specifically designed from the start about 2,400 years ago to empower patients to maintain, manage and recover from chronic disease and functional illnesses - the exact conditions that modern, high-tech Western medicine – for all its brilliance – is simply not designed to address.

Now you might be thinking that I'm about to share something with you about the ancient medicine of the Maya people from Guatemala. But you would be wrong.

The best medical system for empowering patients does not come from Guatemala or the Maya culture.

My time and experience in Guatemala was really only a catalyst that sent me on a deep and fascinating investigation of another culture’s medical system – one that is the real champion of Patient Empowerment and Self-care.

What I saw during my apprenticeship with my mentor in Guatemala was an uncanny parallel between the very old indigenous culture and medicine of the Maya people and the very old and very similar medical system from ancient China.

The Chinese culture is the oldest continuous culture that is still intact on a large scale that we know of. And their old and elegant medical system is not only a product of the smartest and highest level of people in Chinese culture over the last 2,400 years of literate practice and evolution, but it was also developed purely by observation of the functional aspects of a human beings health or illness.

I will say more later about this concept of functional medicine because it is just crucial for people with chronic conditions to understand the basics. For now, just understand that scientific instrumentation and testing, high-technology and dissection and surgery were all things the ancient Chinese never cared about or investigated deeply. Their approach was to understand how a healthy body and mind were supposed to function and then create a theoretical model around what organs related to which specifics functions and dysfunctions – and it is a truly marvelous achievement!

Understand also that the Chinese system of functional medicine is certainly not a system that evolved based on taking handfuls of pills or any other pharmaceutical approach that manipulates the body's biochemistry – which is great when it works but damn tricky to get right and almost impossible to do safely once a patient is taking more than 2 or 3 different pills since they are guaranteed to interact and affect one another and therefore cause side effects for the vast majority of patients.

The Chinese Medical System Is Quite Simply THE System Par Excellence For Treating, Managing And Even Recovering From Stubborn, Hardcore Chronic Illness And Functional Conditions.

Now obviously I am talking about medicine and it takes years of study to understand it and really internalize and master a subject like medicine. So even though I am going to let you in on the secret as to why Chinese medicine is so superior to all other approaches in the Natural Medicine industry, obviously there is a limit to what I can explain in a short video.

But first let me tell you what Chinese medicine is NOT before I explain what Chinese medicine is and why it is so superior for treating, managing and recovering from serious modern chronic conditions and functional illness.

Chinese medicine is not magically superior because it is ancient. In fact lots of stuff from their ancient culture is pure nonsense and cultural superstition – especially to a Western person. Don’t kid yourself. All cultures have superstitions and folklore beliefs about how to stay healthy and the Chinese culture is no different. Don’t fall for the “older is better” myth. Not true.

Chinese medicine is not superior because it is “all natural.”

It's true that Chinese herbal formulas have certain fantastic advantages when compared with Western pharmaceutical drugs for treating, managing and recovering from chronic disease and functional illnesses.

I am a big fan of Chinese herbal formulas myself and once you try them, most people are forced to agree that these formulas have tremendous advantages over pharmaceutical pills and modern drugs – and also over the huge parade of so-called natural remedies, many of which are nothing more than modern snake oil.

But they are not better just because they are herbal or natural.

Nor is Chinese medicine superior because it is a mystical system based on New Age spirituality either. I hate all that crap and I discourage everyone from believing in stupid, superstitious nonsense.

Logic and rational scientific methodology are the supreme achievements of the human mind – and of Western culture in particular – in the last several hundred years.

So what makes Chinese medicine so superior if it's none of these things?

Well, the Chinese have a unique, distinct and utterly empowering way of looking at nature and of understanding and therefore diagnosing and treating chronic conditions.

Not one in 100,000 North Americans understands the first thing about the Chinese way of thinking about patient empowerment for chronic conditions and – to their detriment –most folks who encounter Chinese medicine come to lump it in with crystal healing and New Age hocus-pocus like reiki.

As you will see, Chinese medicine and herbal formulas are anything but that.

The Chinese medical system is focused on the diagnosis, treatment and management of syndromes of imbalance – functional imbalance.

Take a functional condition like IBS. There is no blood test that tells you, “oh you have the IBS germ,” or “you tested positive for IBS.”

IBS is a grouping of signs and symptoms that indicate improper function of your digestive and elimination systems and that tend to appear together in people whose digestive function has been damaged.

That's what a syndrome is: it’s a group of signs and symptoms that appear together over and over again, in patient after patient.

IBS is a functional condition. A functional condition like IBS is defined and determined by the kinds of signs and symptoms that appears in a given patient.

Any modern disease like cancer, heart disease or even type II diabetes – all of these can be reclassified according to their functional signs and symptoms, and this is exactly what the Chinese medical system has been doing for the last 2,400 years.

Millions of people in North America alone suffer from all manner of functional condition and are frustrated beyond endurance that their conventional medical doctor gives them pills and more pills and that they simply cannot recover from their chronic, daily symptoms.

Has modern medicine failed us? Not really. It simply isn’t designed to address these chronic functional syndromes. The answer to all this frustration is to go to a medical system that IS designed to address chronic functional conditions.

And that means the Chinese medical approach – because it is simply the all-time champion for diagnosing and treating chronic functional conditions.


Because this is really what holism is all about. It is a system that refuses to look at a given symptom in isolation and without the context of all the other things going on. When you isolate a single symptom – like reflux for example – and then give a single pill to treat reflux . . . well, how exactly would that NOT imbalance the body’s other functions.

If a pill is strong enough to affect your single symptom, it is going to be strong enough to push something else OUT of balance. Get it? This is why so many people suffer from such horrendous side effects when they rely solely on pharmaceutical drugs.

Now here is what I want you to understand: The statistical data tells us that damn near everyone is going to suffer from one or more chronic functional illness over the course of his or her lifetime. This is not good if you plan on sticking with your conventional medical doctor and his prescription pad.

But here is the really great news:

Even things like diabetes, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular conditions, respiratory illness as well as serious anxiety and depression and pain conditions of all kinds – for which most patients should indeed be under the care of a conventional MD – even these hardcore modern disease may still easily be classified according to their Chinese Medical patterns of functional imbalance.

And the even better news for all people who suffer from chronic illness is that:

The most common Chinese patterns of chronic conditions and functional imbalance and illness are so small in number that even someone who has never studied the first thing about Chinese medicine could still quickly and easily learn to recognize the most common patterns that relate to any chronic condition or functional illness and then take simple and time-tested steps to selectively counteract the progression of their specific symptoms – and even to reverse their own signs and symptoms all together.

In other words, I guarantee that anyone with a modern chronic condition that you will have between three and eight of the most common chronic patterns in chronic disease according to Chinese medicine’s functional system of diagnosis and treatment.

And from there, it's actually pretty straightforward and simple to know what do about your condition and to get busy restoring balance to your functional illness.

Pretty cool, yes?

And remember . . . this is not some hocus-pocus new age system I cooked up last week – like lot’s of the “new” approaches you hear about today.

This is the Big Daddy of ancient Medical Systems – from the oldest and most venerable culture on Earth!

In my Patient Empowerment And Self-Care Training program, I have identified for you the 10-20 most common patterns in all of the chronic conditions and functional illnesses in the modern era – which are the exact conditions that are not well treated by conventional medicine.

I then created the Patient Empowerment And Self-Care Symptom Matrix so you can easily go through the list of common signs and symptoms that make up the most common patterns in all chronic conditions.

Then all you have to do is just go across the matrix horizontally to see what chapter of the Patient Empowerment And Self-Care Manifesto pertains to your exact signs and symptoms of functional imbalance.

That's it!

Please understand what this actually represents!

I have literally taken 2,400 years of evolution and development in a brilliant and elegant medical system and condensed it into a super user-friendly, totally easy and utterly empowering experience for you – so you get the benefits of this elegant and ancient Chinese system FAST!

But wait, because that's not all.

You are also going to have access to an awesome member site that actually shows you video demonstrations of the four categories for Patient Empowerment And Self-Care contained in your electronic copy of the Patient Empowerment And Self-Care Manifesto.

You get actual video demonstrations of applications of the four most important categories for Patient Empowerment And Self-Care including:

  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • State Of Mind Practices And
  • Remedies And Treatments

Plus there’s a section of special reports on things that nobody else is talking about because nobody else has bothered to bring to bear the ancient wisdom of China on some of these modern problems that I will share with you.

Most of the hype in the natural healing world is just that – hype.

“Gluten is bad for you.”

“You should take probiotics daily.”

“Arthritis and neuropathy are a ‘death sentence’ and I have no choice but to follow my doctor’s advice and stay on pain pills, steroid injections and anti-inflammatory drugs.”

Not true.

The common beliefs about Gluten, Probiotics and Arthritis are just plain wrong.

Gluten is great for you! It is actually a very necessary protein for healthy aging. And if you have difficulties with your digestion from eating Gluten, the answer is not to avoid Gluten but to strengthen and repair your system so you can get back on it! And there is a reliable way to do this. I have done it and so have many, many others. But you won’t hear about it anywhere else.

And by the way, most probiotics are total junk and lots of them that will make you very sick. It's true. Don’t waste your money or take the risk.

There are 2 things that most people with serious arthritis pain and neuropathy have never even heard of – let alone actually tried.

Why? Well, how could you have tried them?

Your doctor has never even heard of them and even if she did know about them, her total fear of being humiliated in front of her peers means she will never bring them up or – horrors – recommend that you try them. But they work great just the same and the literally cost pennies on the dollar compared to your current treatment and the results are almost instantaneous. Just imagine that!

Stop and think of all the horrible side effects – which we know are guaranteed to harm you if you stay on pain medications or if you are taking multiple pharmaceutical medications year after year.   Yet, most people ignore the dangers and keep doing things that are 100% guaranteed to do them harm without ever knowing that other, safer and more effective solutions exist.

That’s why my remedies and treatments section has a fantastic introduction to a self-care tool and a technique that I consider to be the most valuable skill that I have ever discovered.

It's called Teishin Therapy and you can use it for a vast array of chronic functional conditions.

Not only can you can treat your family and loved ones, but you can also treat yourself with total confidence because it is as safe as a massage and much more effective.

You can use teishin therapy for simple, functional complaints like pain, stress, insomnia, reflux, indigestion and even anxiety and depression.

It's not only safe and effective, it also takes literally no more than a few seconds at each point that you treat and is therefore essentially no danger to you or anyone you treat.

You can do it as often as you need it and it will still produce small but noticeable results – all without side effects.

There is nothing in conventional medicine that comes close to the safety and efficacy of teishin therapy.

And if you're thinking, “Okay sure. But is it even legitimate?”

Well this is one of the techniques and tools that I use when I treat patients in my various Hospital clinics where I have worked.   In fact, the US military even uses a similar protocol for treating Veterans for PTSD and all manner of severe pain, anxiety and depression.

Just imagine having something that powerful at your fingertips and not having to study or go to school for years and years at a cost of thousands of dollars for your learning.

I am literally going to walk you through the basics of teishin therapy in the Remedies and Treatment section of the Patient Empowerment And Self-Care Membership Site – in mere minutes!

And for those who are really serious, I am even going to make my entire curriculum for using teishin therapy available to you at a massive discount. And not only that, you even get your first course on teishin therapy FREE – just for joining the Patient Empowerment And Self-Care training program today.

Just imagine reaching for your teishin tool the next time you have pain, stress, anxiety or depression or a whole host of other annoying, chronic functional complaints and – with real confidence – treating a few key acupoints on your body . . . INSTEAD of reaching for your medicine cabinet.

Just stop and think for a moment how empowering that is and just what that could do for your quality of life and that of your loved ones. And it literally takes mere seconds!

And that's not all you get with my Patient Empowerment And Self-Care training program. I have more for you . . .

But let me just take a minute to recap my Patient Empowerment And Self-Care training program so far, so you can see all that you can get and just how comprehensive it is.

  • 1. You get the Symptom Matrix so you can quickly and easily identify your exact syndromes – also known as Chinese medical patterns of imbalance – and then use the Matrix as a super-fast reference to go quickly to the chapters that will help your specific conditions the quickest.
  • 2. You get your electronic copy of the Patient Empowerment And Self-Care Manifesto so you can use that the hyperlinks embedded to link directly to the Patient Empowerment And Self-Care membership site videos which correspond to the chapter you are reading, so you can get a crystal clear on how the Chinese medical system can help you just like it has helped literally hundreds of millions of patients in China and all around the world.
  • 3. You get instant access to the entire Patient Empowerment And Self-Care training membership site with sections on:
  • Dietary wisdom from ancient China
  • Targeted exercise that address specific pain conditions and even internal organ imbalances so that you don't waste hours and hours in the gym doing exercises that don't help your specific patterns of imbalance and so that you can spend the shortest possible time exercising and getting and staying fit.
  • You get a no-nonsense section on how to get and keep your head right – especially when you are suffering from different chronic conditions. Remember that the New Age ain't exactly new and people have been practicing wishful thinking for a long, long time. Wishful thinking is fine as far as it goes. But you don’t want to be counting on hope alone – at least not for something as critical as your health, longevity and quality of life. Hope is usually empty and worthless without an actual plan of action. Nonetheless, no one I know would deny the importance of right-thinking. So this is something of a riddle for most folks and it has to be solved. I will give you my best ideas and resources on how you can go about solving it for yourself because no one can solve it for you.
  • Then you get the section on Remedies and Treatments, which covers everything from bee venom and leeches for arthritis and neuropathy to Teishin Therapy for common complaints like pain, stress, anxiety and even depression, and a dozen other tips tricks tools and techniques so you don't have to spend years trying to learn all this on your own.
  • And then, I give you 2 more valuable bonus sections.
  • Special reports on topics ranging from the importance of showering in filtered water to the incredible benefits of gluten to literally the #1 simple exercise you can do daily to recover from and prevent low back pain and more . . .
  • And finally, guest interviews on Probiotic Foods, Spiritual Sexual Shamanism and Cacao as a ‘power plant’ and super-food as well as a ceremonial aid for elevating your mood and consciousness.

Believe me when I tell you that you have never seen anything like what I have for you in your two bonus sections.

This is the most comprehensive program in all natural healing and the incredible system of Chinese medicine for patient empowerment ever compiled in one place . . .

And if you have ever heard something about Chinese medicine but didn't really understand it or didn’t even know where to begin your own investigation to get your questions answered . .

Then Look No Further!

Or if you just want to know the timeless secrets from the East and to get the benefits of ancient Asian culture and its peerless medical approach that was designed from the beginning to put patients in charge of their own health and healing . . .

Then this program is for you.

Now, obviously I want to make all of this invaluable material available to the people who want and need it most.

And I'm going to do that in just a moment.

But let me just share quickly with you the total value and price all this material is worth if you paid for it piece by piece . . .

The Patient Empowerment And Self-Care membership site normally goes for $997 because it is not only 18+ years of my best stuff and literally all I have learned from many years in the forest, traveling and teaching and studying from master practitioner’s all of the world, it is also over a year's worth of material.

Now, it doesn't take you a year to go through it and get value from it. It is set up to give you results immediately – from day one!

But if you are like me, you will want to master all of the things I have to share with you and in that case, the Patient Empowerment And Self-Care training program will take you a good year at least even if you're studying it full time.

Now, I know that is neither likely nor even possible for most people. Most of you will just want a quick tip or tricks that you can use to help manage your condition or recover from your chronic illness.

Don't worry. There's plenty of that too.

But count on several months of exploring, studying and reading in order to try it out. You should also expect to reread and revisit many of the most relevant and important sections for you personally in both the Patient Empowerment And Self-Care Manifesto and on the membership site video demonstrations.

**Remember please: Rome wasn't built in a day and the Chinese medical system we have today began in earnest about 2,400 years ago.

No matter how well I teach and no matter how good a student you are, it takes time, effort and thought to maximize your results.

With chronic conditions repetition is important. That's why I also send you a sequence of about 50 emails over the course of the first few months in order to keep you focused and on track and to answer all your questions.

This is my way of providing you with a “coach in a box.”

Now, I would normally charge a stiff fee for my personal time. But you will get my best color commentary for nothing – all as part of your subscription to Patient Empowerment And Self-Care training.

But don't worry about the regular price because I am not going to charge you the full $997 to join.

I'll tell you the special price in just a moment but let me just ask you a quick question:

If all Patient Empowerment And Self-Care training did was to give you back a sense of control over your life and the progression of your chronic condition or functional illness . . .

Wouldn't $997 be a pretty sweet deal?

Think about all the money you’ve spent on treatments that didn't work or meds that are destroying your quality of life and longevity or supplements that turn out to be all hype and totally phony.

Wouldn't a treatment program that gave you a new way to think for yourself about what is happening to you and about what you can do about it – wouldn't $997 be pretty cheap and affordable by comparison?

You bet it would. It's simple math.

Well, consider one last question:

How long do you have to ignore the benefits of Patient Empowerment And Self-Care before the damage from pills and other failed approaches becomes irreversible?

Chinese medicine is not magic – even if it is the best system of Patient Empowerment ever devised.

There is no such thing as a panacea in medicine. It just doesn’t exist. But rather than be upset about that fact, why not get busy applying the oldest and most comprehensive best thought out and most elegant approach to Patient Empowerment ever created? What exactly are you waiting for and what more could you possibly want?

The Chinese system of Patient Empowerment is your ticket back to health and your way through the dizzying maze of nonsense in the so-called world of ‘natural healing.’

It is also your way to say ‘so long’ to a lot of the conventional medical treatments that simply do not work for chronic, functional conditions and that so often create worse side effects than the original condition.

But I repeat: The Chinese system is NOT magic.

Once your chronic condition and the side effects from treating it go past a certain point of no return, there is nothing I or anyone else can do for you.

Chinese medicine may be the best system in history for the treatment management and even recovery from chronic conditions and functional illness but it cannot turn back time and make you 18 and bullet proof again.

Because the window of opportunity for recovery from any chronic condition is limited and you must take action before the body succumbs to its illness and can no longer change and recover.

If you want to live a long time and to be free of nagging chronic complaints as you age, you had better get busy figuring out how to regain your vigor before it is too late.

Wouldn't it be worth $997 just to save yourself the years and years that it would otherwise take you to figure all this out on your own?

To me, the answer to that question is a no-brainer. So think hard before you ignore the consequences of staying on your present course because if it were working for you already, you wouldn’t be looking for another approach.

Consider also that my full Teishin Therapy training program runs in the thousands of dollars and I'm giving it to you in a few short videos so that you can get started with the benefits as soon as you join Patient Empowerment And Self-Care training.

In just a moment I'm going to tell you the special price for getting Patient Empowerment And Self-Care training and all of the items that I mentioned thus far.

But before I do, I just want to make you aware of 2 other excellent and free bonuses that you get when you join today.

You know, there is so much confusion, misinformation and just plain, old fashion BS circulating out there about diet and how to eat healthy that I am genuinely disturbed by all of it.

Perhaps no other area affecting human performance, health and illness has experienced a greater explosion of information in the past 50 years than diet.

But please realize that Western scientific thinking about food and healthy eating is still in its proverbial infancy compared with Asian dietary wisdom and thinking.

You see the trouble with a lot of the modern discussion about diet and nutrition is that . . . Well, it's only around 50 years old at best. So much of it is pure noise and has no real value or staying power.

It is certainly fair to point out that because of this shorter historical perspective that there is a pretty serious lack of context in Western dietary thinking.

This lack of context is made even worse by Western science’s tendency to focus on individual nutrients or substances as though getting enough of a long list of vitamins, minerals and amino acids is somehow enough to produce health.

So not only do you get a system that – in the course of time – ends up contradicting itself, you also get a system that is ripe for hype and fads like blood-type diets and other nonsense that have exactly zero scientific proof behind them but which can be used to manipulate desperate people into believing things that are not only false and wrong but actually harmful.

Remember please that it was Western dietary scientific thinking that – not long ago – was adamant that breast milk was inferior nutrition to a man-made baby formula and that indigestible vegetable oils like margarine were superior to butter. We all know how those two theories played out.

That's what I mean when I point out that Western dietary thinking is at the least confusing and incomplete and at worst down right harmful and dangerous.

The best and most user-friendly system is dietary system in the world comes from . . . you guessed it:

The Chinese System Of Holistic, Functional Medicine

You see, it's not the food – which is what Western dietary thinking is focused on.

It's the patient and the patient's signs and symptoms that matter most.

For some people, milk is truly horrible as it produces lots of mucous – what is referred to in functional Chinese medicine as “dampness.”

To another person, who’s ‘digestive fire’ is strong enough to handle milk and dairy products, milk is genuinely beneficial.

It’s not the food it’s the person. Western dietary thinking is totally focused on “what foods should you eat?” Wrong focus.

This inevitably leads people in the West—over and over—to the conclusion that one type of diet or one magic food is right for everyone and can cure all illnesses. What total nonsense!

The most important question to ask and answer is “what are the patient’s signs and symptoms?”

Any given food is going to have an effect—and that effect depends largely on the functional condition of a patient’s digestive system.

An effect is neither good nor bad. It simply is what it is.

But what makes the effect of any given substance—food or medication or herbal formula—is the functional condition that can be read and diagnosed by looking at a patient’s signs and symptoms according to elegant but ultimately simple and logical Chinese medical diagnostic criteria.

That is the essence of the Chinese system of pattern diagnosis and I am going to make you an expert on this system in less time than it would take to read another wrong-focused book on whatever fad-diet is all the rage right now.

Gluten is the latest boogie man for Western fad-diet thinking and the fad-diet industry. It’s at least a $10 billion per year scam.

This is ridiculous. Not only is gluten not the enemy but it's actually good for you. People who react badly to gluten can and must take certain steps to strengthen their body and digestive system to be able to eat gluten again.

Gluten is actually great for you and a very necessary protein for healthy aging and proper musculature. Cut out gluten and you are headed for serious musculoskeletal issues as well as a variety of other internal problems like brain-fog, poor memory and decreased vision and a frail constitution. It’s that important and this is something that becomes so totally obvious once you have even a basic understanding of the Chinese system.

Plus—and this is the best news of all if you suffer from gluten sensitivity—it’s really simple and easy to get healthy and get back on a reasonable amount of gluten so you don’t have to constantly worry about being exposed to this essential protein all the while thinking it is a type of poison.

This is why I want you to have your very own hard copy of a book by a colleague of mine that is by far the single best look in the English language on holistic dietary wisdom from China.

It's titled:

Tao of Healthy Eating by Dr. Bob Flaws

This book has helped more Western folks and patients with chronic conditions to empower themselves and their thinking, regain their health and their ability to self-care than any other work ever written. It is now a minor classic.

And if you haven't heard of it, that's simply because of all the noise and nonsense currently flying around in the dietary industry.

Look, diet is a pillar of Patient Empowerment And Self-Care and this book is a true end point product – it cannot be improved upon. It is easy to read and understand and only around 125 pages.

And to help you make the most of your understanding and the application of what you learn in Dr. Flaws’ excellent book . . .

I am even going to include my own short course on Diet and Healthy Aging to help you make use of this incredible resource consisting of a series of exercises that you completely and forever change your thinking about diet and healthy aging. A $235 value FREE.

So, you get your copy of Dr. Flaws’ book FREE along with my 10-hour course to help you make the greatest progress quickly with your membership to Patient Empowerment And Self-Care training.

Plus as a second gift to you, I want you to have your own stainless steel teishin basic so you can get started immediately treating yourself and your loved ones with this fast, safe, simple and effective approach to self-care.

Teishin means pressure tool in Japanese and teishin therapy is nothing other than the simple, safe and fast application of focused pressure on key acupoints to help relieve common complaints like pain, stress, anxiety and depression as well as a wide variety of other common complaints so that reaching for the medicine cabinet is you last option – not your first and only option.

Just imagine reaching for your teishin next time you get a headache and can’t sleep.

Or when your reflux flares up—instead of gulping down pain pills, sleep medications or dangerous proton pump inhibitor’s and antacids—you now reach for your teishin tool and treat a few points in your ear to calm you system and break that vicious cycle of dysfunction . . . without medication and without side effects.

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  • Your Patient Empowerment And Self-Care Manifesto—more than 100 pages of Patient Empowerment And Self-Care and the sum total of all I have learned across nearly two full decades of travel and study . . .
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  • Videos and explanations on the importance of your state-of-mind and non New Age explanations on the importance of controlling and managing your mental theater for maximum health and happiness . . .
  • And my Remedies and Treatment section with more than a dozen unconventional therapies, tips and tricks for managing and recovering from some of the most severe and damaging of all chronic conditions in modern medicine . . .
  • Plus the BONUS sections of Special Reports and Expert Interviews
  • Plus your two bonus gifts, the Tao of Healthy Eating along with your Diet and Healthy Aging 10-hour course as well as your . . .
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The Tao of Healthy Eating by Bob Flaws

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Plus, I will even include a FREE stainless steel Teishin ‘pressure tool’ so you can start managing your own pain and stress.

“This simple tool and scientifically studied and proven therapy has done more to empower patients than any other single skill I have ever taught and it can do the same for you.” – Christian Nix

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  • Special Reports On Topics Of Real Significance:
  • Special Report #1: The Dangers Of Radiation . . . Don’t kid yourself! All the radiation from mobile wireless devices WILL hurt you. Think for yourself and take steps to mitigate the damage.
  • Special Report #2: The Truth About Parasites – How NOT to think about this and why you should be very cautious about the whole ‘cleansing’ craze.
  • Special Report #3: Cholesterol Facts and Fiction – Why it is essential to your health if you want to function at the highest level and what to do about all the fears surrounding high-cholesterol.
  • Special Report #4: Arthritis And Neuropathy – the two most difficult pain conditions in the modern era and how you can immediately improve your condition using dirt-simple and inexpensive remedies that your doctor will never tell you about.
  • Special Report #5: The Anti-Gluten Fad And The Importance Of Gluten To Robust Health And Aging ­– Why Gluten Intolerance is not only the wrong thing to think but actually the exact opposite of the right thing.
  • Special Report #6: Ball Massage (No, not that kind!) – The best and most useful self-massage you can do to yourself to achieve and maintain superior digestive health and to improve elimination in cases of serious chronic illness.

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This short course is another $235 value with 10 hours of focused training that you won't find anywhere else – yours FREE.

This is the exact same material I teach other high-level medical professionals and even doctors in hospitals.

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Ultimate Blueprint

For Presenting To Physicians


  • Patient Empowerment & Self-Care Program

    Yes Christian! Sign me up for the Patient Empowerment and Self-care Training Program with my FREE BONUSES for just $397 so I can get started on my journey toward empowered self-care save myself years of costly effort and struggle by learning what works from professional-quality holistic medical system. I want to decrease my use of and reliance upon pharmaceutical medicines whenever possible and have decided to learn a NEW approach and to learn about the best system for self-care and patient empowerment. Please give me all of your best work about the “Best Practices” for successfully managing my own chronic conditions and stubborn, non-specific symptoms so I can make my own health breakthrough and so I can have the satisfaction of being one of the first people in Western culture to truly understand and use this special and empowering system and training program to capitalize on the enormous and valuable gift of patient empowerment that is inherently part of the professional-quality healthcare system. I’m ready and committed to taking back control of my own health and understand that true healthcare depends on my willingness to help myself. Please give me all that you have created over your 17+ years in medicine to shorten my learning curve so I can get the best results FAST!

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100% Iron-Clad Money Back Guarantee

If you don’t agree that Patient Empowerment & Self-Care Program is worth what you paid, I don’t want your money.  Simply say so within 30 days of receipt of your materials and I will refund your purchase price.

Christian Nix is a graduate of the first-ever Master’s degree program for integrative healthcare administration.  Prior to obtaining his degree, he completed a 5-year apprenticeship in acupuncture and holistic Chinese medicine while living in the rural highlands of Guatemala – allowing him to achieve Board Certification in 2005.  He currently runs training ‘boot camps’ and hospital externships to aid other licensed acupuncturists in their efforts to make an impact within mainstream medical settings.  He is the author of 6 books including, Tao of Integration, Hospital Based Acupuncture Essentials, Bridging the Chasm: How to Talk to Physicians About What Matters to THEM! (which he co-authored with Dr. Raford) and Patient Empowerment and Self-care.  In addition to his teaching schedule, Christian has been a top-performer among acupuncturists on-board cruise ships.  He has lectured at medical conferences from Jerusalem, Israel to Colombia, South America and is a frequent contributor to industry publications on the topic of mainstream practice.  Christian is also an avid dancer and an aspiring super-hero and family man.