ATTENTION Acupuncturists . . .  Are you getting paid what you're worth?

If You Don't Have A System-Solution For Presenting Your Services To 21st Century Patients About What Matters To Them  . . .

Then You're In Serious Danger Of Ending Your Medical Career In Frustration, Disgust And Failure . . . Soon!

If you think I'm joking or exaggerating, then you obviously don't have a clue about the appalling statistics of failure within the Chinese medical world and what all the truly successful practitioners have all learned in order to become top-earners who all charge top-dollar for their services.

The income disparity between practitioners who grasp the truth about Presentation and Communication skills with patients in a way that gets you paid and the ones who still “don’t get it” is so enormous that . . .

I Assure You There Is Nothing Funny About It.

So if high-income, career success and personal satisfaction are important to you, you need to read-on and seriously consider what I have to share with you below.

The BIG SHIFT . . .

There is one major shift that the truly successful practitioners of acupuncture and holistic TCM understand and have made that the struggling and frustrated, overworked and underpaid ones have NOT discovered.

Before I break this down for you . . . Let me ask you a few questions:

  • Do you have a system for presenting your valuable service to the EXACT people will pay you well for what you do?

**Remember Please: In business, “Hope is not a strategy.”

  • Do you know the EXACT issues and challenges that frustrated dissatisfied 21st century patients are facing so that you can push their ‘psychological hot buttons’ in a way that gets them to act and to come see you for treatment – over and over again?
  • Have you created an actual information and sales presentation that attracts high-paying clients every single time you give it?

Here are a couple of Uncomfortable Truths that many people in our profession still have to face . . . Don’t Shoot The Messenger!

Uncomfortable Truth #1: If you don't figure out how to attract top-dollar clients and get them to return over and over, you will NEVER enjoy high-level success in 21st century practice.

Uncomfortable Truth #2: You could and will spend years of your life and thousands of dollars trying to figure this out on your own (literally!) . . . Unless you find someone who has already done the work and who is willing to share with you what already works!

Now For The Good News . . .

I have already done all of the hard work for you in my new, done-for-you system:

Presenting The Patients For $erious Profit

On Authority Status

  • Learn how to get authority status. The crazy thing is . . . this is completely formulaic!
  • What big shift do you need to embrace in your thinking about the business of your practice?
  • What specifically is your value to mainstream medicine and for 21st century patients?
  • What are the two most common myths about effective marketing?
  • What are the two biggest fears your prospects have and how can you quickly overcome these quickly?
  • How do you gain massive and instant credibility when speaking to prospective patients?
  • How can you find and leverage your unique personality strengths, turning these to your advantage in business?

First Contact Strategies And Tactics

  • How do you disqualify prospects who waste your time and won’t get with your program . . . Quickly!?
  • What are the key questions you need to ask in order to discover how difficult or easy it will be to work with a prospective patient?
  • How can you qualify or disqualify BEFORE someone wastes your time?
  • How can you minimize the time it takes to discover “whales” – i.e. patients who will pay you a ton of money to get treatment and follow every suggestion you make?

On The Importance Of Your Seminars

  • What is the number one fundamental starting point for any seminar and how can you be sure you won't bomb when presenting to patients?
  • What is the proper attitude for doing a successful seminar and what do you need to expect from people around you? Hint: If certain groups of people criticize you . . . you know you are on the right track!
  • What are the 13 emotional hot buttons that guarantee you will motivate action?
  • What is the one thing you need to do quickly if you don’t want to lose your audience?
  • How should you handle common objections to be sure you crush all resistance to your offer?
  • What do you need to understand about closing the sale and how should you set up your close?

*Note: Get this wrong and you will end up broke, working for nothing.

Intake And Interview Questions – Sales Psychology Style

  • How do you ask intake questions in the right way to motivate your prospects to become patients?
  • How when why should you use their own language back to them when you propose your solution?
  • Why is it important to manipulate your prospects’ imagination and how can you do this while appearing to be a model of medical professionalism?
  • How should you handle your prospects objections and when is it best for you to acknowledge their likely skepticism?
  • What are by far the top three most common objections for first time prospects?

Seminar Sales Psychology

I have identified 16 important points for your seminar sales psychology.

  • Do you know how to infuse your seminar educational seminar about what you do with real sales psychology and yet never “break character” from your role as a medical professional?
  • Can you sell without selling?
  • What key features and leverage points are common with nearly all 21st-century patients?
  • When is the exact best moment to simply and briefly sell as hard as you possibly can?

Hint: This is the exact moment in your seminar when your audience will actually be grateful to you for selling hard.

Look, the last thing you want is to be a top-notch clinician . . .

With No One To Treat!

If you want to get paid and get paid really, really well – then you need to impress the people who are going to pay you and who desperately need your valuable skills.

Don't be fooled!

Learning how to market and sell your service successfully is – in the final analysis:

The #1 Most Important Skill 

You Were Not Taught In School

It is also the difference between struggle and success,

The difference between frustration, failure and burnout – and major income, prestige and personal satisfaction,

And . . . It is every bit as complicated and difficult to master as medical practice and clinical skills . . .

Unless . . .

You have a tested and proven model to follow – and I’m talking about one that uses timeless principles of Direct Marketing and Selling – and that makes your prospects sit up, get with your program and take action to come see you over and over for years and years and to shout from the rooftops to their family and friends about how great and professional you are and about how much your service impacted their life.

psssssssst . . . 

I Will Tell You A Little Secret As Well . . .

When you know about Presenting To Patients For Serious Profit, and how to position yourself as different than anyone else in the marketplace – i.e. how to position yourself as an in-demand Authority Practitioner who makes no time for tire-kickers and who will only accept patients who are already committed and serious about making progress in regaining their health and in overcoming and managing their functional conditions,

You will find – like I did – that this tactic alone results in better clinical outcomes.

It’s not a magic, New Age power.

Think about it:

When you decide you will no longer put up with low-paying, “fringe clients” who want to argue with you about new age nonsense and only want to “kick the tires” of your clinical service,

And when you begin to attract top-paying clients who are serious about getting well and about doing what you tell them and who are already pre-sold on your expert-skill and authority-status,

Your Job Gets Easier And Your Clinical Results Improve

More Quickly Than You Can Currently Imagine.

Just think what that means to your career success!

Just imagine the difference I can make to your income!

Stop and consider how hard you are working now and imagine cutting your work in half while doubling or tripling your income.

Sound too good to be true?

The material I have for you in Presenting To Patients For Serious Profit is a done-for-you-system that will not only save you years of struggle, trial and failure,

(Not to mention the tens of thousands of dollars I spent to figure all this out and package it for you so it is simple and easy-to-follow)

Is the exact material and the exact system I created that generates between $7,000 and $9000 in revenue for me – per month.

Even if you give this a half-hearted effort, you cannot lose.

Even if you just implement 50% of what I share with you, you cannot fail to see a big bump in your revenue and career satisfaction.

This Is What Your School

Did Not And Could Not Teach You.

So, stop and ask yourself . . .

  • If no one has learned this level of Presenting To Patients For Serious Profit in school and,
  • If no one anywhere else is teaching this essential skill at this level . . .

How else are you going to learn how to make a great living from your clinical practice?

Hate To Tell You But Even Great Clinical Skills Simply Aren’t Enough.

Your prospective patients don’t know if you are any good in clinic until after they come see you!

That is why Presenting To Patients For Serious Profit is so far-and-away the most valuable skill you can acquire right now.

  • If you have your back to the wall with a mountain of school debt,
  • If you are a solid clinician but simply cannot attract enough paying clients to create the revenue you want and deserve,
  • If you look at your practice and know without a doubt that you need help in the essential skill of Presenting To Patients For Serious Profit . . .

Then Make Up Your Mind To Have The Practice You Wanted When You First Started Out In Medicine.

Develop your ability at Presenting To Patients For Serious Profit and watch your income, prestige, career success and personal satisfaction soar!

When you follow my system-in-a-box for Presenting To Patients For Serious Profit, you get the best of all that I have learned over not less than 15 years.

This education cost me several hundred thousand dollars and nearly a decade and a half of intense effort to create and put together for you.

Why spend that kind of time, money and effort to figure it all out on your own when you can simply implement a done-for-you system?

Presenting To Patients For Serious Profit comes complete with a winning presentation template and all the extras you need to start making more money for your time and effort . . . FAST!

**Special Bonus Section:                 $197 value . . . FREE

For the first time, I am making available as a special bonus, the definitive guide for learning how to sell acupuncture services to 21st century patients . . . I call it . .

Sales Mastery In Acupuncture

Selling acupuncture isn’t really that hard for reasons I cover in this BONUS Section. You have multiple factors working in your favor and obviously what we do is kinda unique in medicine and oddly curious to 21st century prospects.

So . . . how do you use this to make a great living?

  • What are the 10 fundamental concepts you need to study and understand in order to achieve Sales Mastery In Acupuncture?
  • What is the oldest and most reliable sales formula and how do you adopt and apply this formula in creating your pitch?
  • What is the unique difference in what we offer that makes Acupuncture irresistible to 21st century patients and prospects and how can you use this to arouse curiosity and motivate action?
  • How can you use specific questions to direct and lead your prospects thinking to the obvious conclusion that they need your services now?
  • Why is your pricing strategy a key pillar to your sales success and how do you price your service in order to make closing a breeze?

Hint: If you don't have the right pricing strategy, you are losing out on tons of revenue.

  • How to use scarcity and urgency in any situation and why you should politely demand a decision with each prospect you speak to and . . . how to do it in a language that encourages and motivates action.

Proven Strategies To Achieve Authority Status

  • How to stimulate curiosity in your prospects so they cannot resist trying your service . . . NOW!
  • Do you know the top 3 to 7 objections and have you crafted your response in order to overcome these hurdles?

Hint: There is only one technique that works and only the most successful professionals know it and use it . . . And I will teach it to you!

  • Why do you need to get your audience to agree with you before you go for the close?
  • How can you use my agreements close to get more patients in?
  • How and why you should always be closing and selling something
  • Do you know how to create endless next-steps to add value all along the way?
  • What are the ten essential elements of any presentation?
  • What is the one question your presentation must not fail to address?

Developing Your Sales System

  • There is one single, essential skill and technique to consistently winning the sales encounter . . . And if you don't know about ELEVATING . . . I guarantee you are working harder for less money than you should.
  • How and why only you can create your sales system since it has to fit your professional persona.

The truth here is that you can copy elements of other successful sales presenters.

IF you study and understood the sales psychology used by other successful presenters . . . you can easily and confidently apply the same to your situation.

So how you can do this quickly and start selling your service better today?

What Is The Most Reliable And Profitable Tactic For Getting Cross-Promotions For Your Service?

Lots of Acupuncturists work in clinics with other medical professionals.

You need to teach your colleagues how to promote you or else you will be missing out on tons of revenue.

Do you know the most reliable way to get cross –promotions and are you clear on exactly what you DON’T want your colleagues to say about you and your service? If you screw this one up . . . you just took a pay cut.

Most people have no clue about why they even need authority let alone how to get it. Don’t be one of them.

Why Wouldn’t You Learn What Already Works . . . Quickly? ? ?

If saving yourself years of struggle and making serious income matters to you,

CLICK Below To Get Started

For ONLY $997

YES Christian, send me Presenting To Patients For Serious Profit for just $997 as an instant download so I can get started on my journey into mainstream medicine and so I can save years of costly effort and struggle by learning what works from people who have already achieved massive success in the mainstream with high-paying 21st century patients.

I want to know how to speak to 21st century patients about what matters to THEM and avoid the obscurity of mediocre private practice and the financial struggles that so many others in our profession fail to overcome.

I’m ready and committed to making the income I deserve and to creating the career I always dreamt of when I first started out!

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Don’t forget, just like with all my work . . .

100% Iron-Clad Money Back Guarantee

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Christian Nix is a graduate of the first-ever Master’s degree program for integrative healthcare administration.  Prior to obtaining his degree, he completed a 5-year apprenticeship in acupuncture and holistic Chinese medicine while living in the rural highlands of Guatemala – allowing him to achieve Board Certification in 2005.  He currently runs training ‘boot camps’ and hospital externships to aid other licensed acupuncturists in their efforts to make an impact within mainstream medical settings.  He is the author of 6 books including, Tao of Integration, Hospital Based Acupuncture Essentials, Bridging the Chasm: How to Talk to Physicians About What Matters to THEM! (which he co-authored with Dr. Raford) and Patient Empowerment and Self-care.  In addition to his teaching schedule, Christian has been a top-performer among acupuncturists on-board cruise ships.  He has lectured at medical conferences from Jerusalem, Israel to Colombia, South America and is a frequent contributor to industry publications on the topic of mainstream practice.  Christian is also an avid dancer and an aspiring super-hero and family man.