Attention Acupuncturists And Chinese Medical Professionals:  

Don’t Let This Happen To You!

What You DON’T Know About Clinical Practice Could Sink Your Career In The NEW Model Of 21st-Century Healthcare Delivery

The Game Of Healthcare Delivery Has Changed And If You Are Confused About What Is Happening And What Is Coming, You Need To Read This Very Carefully And Consider Where Your Career Is Headed.

Face it . . . Most of the people you need to reach – physicians, 21st-century patients, CEOs and mainstream administrators – don't have a clue what you do.

That is why your clinical skills are still your best form of marketing.

Now, before I share with you the secret of how I have created multiple hospital teaching clinics and created a career training others about how to succeed at the highest level of medicine . . .

There is a crucial point about clinical skills that you need to understand before your career goes belly-up like so many other defeated practitioners.

So, keep reading and I will share with you the secret that all successful practitioners know that frustrated and broke ones don’t.

But first, if you’re like many of the acupuncturists and Chinese medical professionals I know, you simply were not taught sufficient clinical skills in school to be both competent and confident.

Now, I'm not advocating arrogance, but the truth is that once you have great clinical skills, some less-confident people will see you as arrogant.

Arrogance is about when you think you know-it-all and aren’t even open to the possibility of learning more.  Medicine is serious business and no matter how good you are, you should always be studying and learning.

But confidence is different.  There is a big and important reason you need massive confidence in your clinical skills.


Because your patients can sense it and physicians can tell immediately if you have real confidence or not.  And the important point you need to understand about confidence is that it comes directly from your level of competence.  This is so essential that I am going to say it again . . .

**Make no mistake:  Confidence Comes From Competence.

If you had to give a Grand Rounds lecture at say Cleveland Clinic in front of an amphitheater of skeptical physicians, could you win them over?  Well I did.

And you want to know what sealed the deal?

I did a killer demonstration on three physicians from the audience.

Three months later Cleveland clinic made a decision to hire a group acupuncturist . . . which was the exact topic of my presentation. Now, I’m NOT saying it was 100% my doing, but . . . well, you decide.

My point here is that, if you weren’t taught absolutely killer clinical skills in school, you don’t need to be ashamed or embarrassed anymore.  Because you can now learn the two most important aspects of clinical excellence and put all your old worry and shame behind you for good. 

It seems to me that there is something of a dirty little secret amongst many (most?) of the LAc’s and TCM people I meet, and the secret is this:

Most seem to have no actual, objective idea if they are actually any good at what they do.  Most seem totally confused and show a conspicuous lack of confidence when they actually get down to business in-clinic.  I have tried for years to understand how this could possibly be the case. 

After all, most students must complete 3-4 years of training and presumably finish school with at least a grasp of the basics for what should become high-quality practice. 

One would think that this much time and study would result in some level of competence and even a modicum of confidence; but my experience as a teacher has shown me that this is just not the case.  I have my own theory and opinion on why this might be so prevalent a situation wherever I go.  But it is just that – my opinion . . . and who cares what my opinion is?  I don’t.  in the end, all I really care about is results, so I will skip over my own insight on this difficiency in your schooling and move straight to what I think is actually most important for anyone reading this letter:

How Do You Actual Know (Not sort-of Think, But Know) That You Are Legitimately Good At What You Do?

There are really only two aspects that any 21st century practitioner must drill until they become impossible to get wrong.  You have to be so clear and well versed at these two aspects of your clinical practice that you no longer wonder or even have to stop and think what you are doing.  What are they?  I will get to them in a moment.  But first . . .

Here’s Something That Is No Secret:

Mainstream practice skills are not the same as private practice clinical skills.

That’s right. Not everything that practitioners do in private practice will cut the mustard at the level of mainstream practice.

You may even be thinking, who cares? And why should I bother to learn the difference?

But The Truth Is, You DO Care . . . And You BETTER Care!

Because the game of healthcare delivery has changed and you don't have the luxury of ignoring the requirements of the NEW healthcare system of the 21st-century.

If you ignore the new trend toward massive inclusion of acupuncture within the mainstream, you risk being left behind and missing the greatest opportunity for massive career success that you will ever get in your lifetime.

In this era of healthcare reform, your best shot at major league success and financial reward lies in making it in Mainstream Medicine.  To achieve this, your diagnostic skills and clinical applications must be hospital-quality.

No source anywhere debates this fact and the only criteria keeping LAc’s out of mainstream medicine is . . . our own lack of professional rigor and the perception by physicians that what you do is truly professional-quality medicine and not just new age voodoo. 

Don’t laugh or scoff because physicians have plenty of reason to think of you that way. 

Hate to break the bad news to you but the truth is that our young profession is still reluctant to adopt anything like best-practices or to reinforce a level of rigor that is in accord with the newest literature from the NIH.   

The biggest news of all is that . . . the newest research is CLEARLY in your favor right now.  All you have to do is show up like a pro . . . and deliver serious hospital-quality clinical skills.  If you can, you are in.  If you cannot . . . why expect anything different than you are getting now, which is NO RESPECT.

That is why your ability to deliver absolutely killer treatments that leave no doubt about acupuncture’s legitimacy and efficacy (and VALUE) to 21st century patients is so crucial to your career right now.

Your treatment outcomes and the testimony of satisfied patients is still your very best marketing strategy. 

I said I would share with you the two aspects of clinical practice that must leave no room for doubt – either in your own mind or in the mind’s of 21st century MD’s who want your help and need to know that you are legit.  So, in case you missed them above, make absolutely certain that you are rock-solid on the following two aspects of your clinical practice:

  1. Your ability to think within and even to explain the logic of holistic pathophysiology, and . . .
  2. Your ability to deliver a no-bullshit, no questions asked and no-room-for-doubt killer acupuncture treatment with real, no-kidding needle response (and no sharp sensations or other poor needle technique please).

That’s It!  If You Can Meet MD’s With These Two Bases Covered And A Firm Grasp Of Both The Logic Of Your Own Medical System, As Well As Deliver A No-Doubt-About-It Strong-Needle-Sensation Treatment, Then You Are In!

Here’s what you get with Ultimate Clinical Skills:

Theory and Diagnosis 101:                                                              25 CEUs

  • Statements of Fact (10 CEUs)
  • Tongue Pulse and Questioning: A Review of Fundamentals (10 CEUs)
  • Ten Stem Theory (5 CEUs)

Clinical applications:                                                                       30 CEUs

  • Community Acupuncture for Pain and Stress (15 CEUs)
  • Teishin and the Eight Extraordinary Vessels (5 CEUs)
  • Dieting and Healthy Aging (5 CEUs)
  • Auricular Therapy for Common Complaints (5 CEUs)

Have You Truly Mastered Hospital-Quality Diagnosis With Pattern Discrimination?

If Not, Physicians Will Know You Are A New-Age Faker.

  • How is your pulse examination (really)?
  • For most practitioners, there is still a lot of ambiguity with this skill.
  • Can you name the 30 most common patterns, list their signs/symptoms, tongue and pulse and come up with a treatment plan?
  • Do you really understand holistic pathophysiology?

If not, you are simply not ready for the mainstream.

Recently Redwing Books sent an email offering a 5 volume set on pathophysiology. 

This element of diagnosis is cited as the ‘missing link’ for Western practitioners. 

This is what I have been saying and teaching for many lonely years.  If you don’t understand disease causes / disease mechanisms in holism, you cannot make the system work for you because the logic simply won’t be there . . . and physicians will know it. 

Do yourself a favor and give your career a boost.

Clarify Your Core Clinical Essentials

If you truly commit to this, your practice becomes easy, your clinical outcomes more effective and you will ‘wear’ your expertise as you should...

Like It’s No Big Deal.

**LOOK . . . No program currently available so completely prepares you for Mainstream Practice Success.  Ultimate Clinical Skills is the exact program I teach to my students and clinicians at our hospital internships in Chicago and the Guatemala Externship on Lake Atitlan. 

The Hospital Based Acupuncture Training program is a PROVEN system you can use to achieve massive success in the mainstream during this era of healthcare reform.  If you don’t make your move toward mainstream practice now, you will almost certainly not get another shot in your lifetime.

Here Is What Past Students Have To Say . . .

There are many hospitals in China have TCM departments but I only some in Taiwan. There are only three universities have Traditional Chinese medicine colleges. The oldest university with graduated students (8 years of training) usually chose to become western medical doctor before but more chose to become TCM doctors now.I can see HBA will be the mainstream. It is good to have all chronic patients or pain, stressful patients in the hospital seeing an acupuncture physician just as they all need to consult with other professional doctors…I really appreciate your practical guide. You are a genius.

Dr. Choyan Hsieh DAOM and Professor of Chinese Medicine

"I consider the education Christian Nix offers to be a series of master classes that help polish one’s understanding of Chinese Medicine and how it will succeed in the mainstream.

Clearness in thought translates to clearness in action. Christian offers classes that will sharpen your theory, needle technique and communication skills.

Christian Nix also has put together a world-class seminar on the ways to communicate and explore your work in a hospital setting. The next step for Chinese Medicine in the West is its inclusion in Western hospital settings."

dicine colleges. The oldest university with graduated students (8 years of training) usually chose to become western medical doctor before but more chose to become TCM doctors now.I can see HBA will be the mainstream. It is good to have all chronic patients or pain, stressful patients in the hospital seeing an acupuncture physician just as they all need to consult with other professional doctors...I really appreciate your practical guide. You are a genius.

- Michael Jamlang, Chicago, IL (Mercy Hospital Acupuncturist)

I’ve learned more here in two weeks than we did in the first two years of school.”

Jackie Brown, Acupuncturist (Sta. Rosa)

The most important thing about the training is the level of professionalism it gives you. So, going through the clinical training, you fill in any gaps that you may have inadvertently gotten as you went through school. It really sets a standard. It backs up the fact that what we practice is peer-reviewable. I also think the communication piece is the gem."

Maria Mulcahy, Clinic Supervisor (Mercy Hospital Chicago, IL)

Whether or not you are seeking a career within a mainstream setting or simply looking to grow and elevate your own practice, Christian Nix is the absolute best resource for expediting your learning curve and full potential as an acupuncturist. Christian is without a doubt, the pioneer when it comes to educating the mainstream medical community and elevating acupuncture and East Asian medicine to its true potential – a potential that is in great need to serve the ever-growing patient population here in the U.S.

Christian’s expertise, practical insights and wealth of progressive coursework have been instrumental in growing my practice and career, not to mention saving me years of headache and struggle with direct mentoring. I have only been in practice for a short 4 years but feel privileged to have practiced acupuncture in every clinical setting imaginable.

Before working with Christian I didn’t have the skill set needed to broaden and execute my acupuncture practice in a way that would help me achieve my career goals and I certainly had no clear direction on where to begin. Quickly after diving into Christian’s coursework and attending his hospital based acupuncture “Boot Camp” I was able to implement drastic changes that jump-started my career path. I can say with true conviction that without being exposed to Christians progressive approach, I would not have been able to bridge the gap between East and West and would still be in the dark trying to figure out how elevate my career.

Utilizing the tools and mentoring Christian has provided I have greatly increased my clinical effectiveness and have successfully built strong referral relationships with various mainstream medical professionals and have even been asked by the medical director of a major University to speak to their entire provider group and administration about how acupuncture and East Asian medicine can benefit their patient population."

Cliff Thompsom, OCOM Alum 2010

Coaching with Christian Nix has been indispensable. I have taken courses with Christian, and went to the first Chicago Conference on Integration in Medicine at Mercy Hospital, which gave me a solid platform from which to launch my practice into the mainstream.

However, one-to-one coaching with Christian has given me the support to really implement my learning, and has helped me to practically problem solve and overcome many of the hurdles that come with integrating a TCM practice into the mainstream medical system.

Most importantly, working with Christian has raised my confidence level, and given me the tools to succeed. Christian brings his passion, dedication and years of practical experience to each coaching call. If you are looking to break into the mainstream, the best time and money you will spend is with Christian . . . honestly!"

Amy Lipsett, Ontario, Canada

How many professional acupuncturists are currently in the mainstream? Next to none. So a fresh-fish who got this manual might think that it is actually impossible to do.
Acupuncturists need to work on their communication. You have always preached this. As I have dropped more and more of my Chinese terminology and just speak in regular-talk to my patients, they really seem to understand much better what is going on.

In addition, being able to clearly articulate what is going on in English (not Chinese med lingo) the more I understand the medicine. I think this has to do with the inherent Western medicine background we ALL have. I am more comfortable with this and my patients are more comfortable with this. This is truly where we have to go to gain integration"

Kim Close, Acupuncturist, Mercy Hospital Chicago, IL

This is the EXACT SAME MATERIAL that I use when I teach and mentor students and veteran practitioners who come study with me – and many of them have paid me several thousand dollars for my insight and guidance. 

You can get it all here on one flash drive and save yourself a ton of trial and failure (and a nice chunk of change to boot!).

PLUS, You need to consider something else as well . . . 

You have to get CEU/PDA’s if you want to remain in practice.  There are tons of different CEU programs out there but almost none that focus solely on the nearly totally unmet market of mainstream medicine.  This is something that I can hardly believe but it is true. 

Most people continue to struggle year after year, barely making any kind of money and barely able to state with any truth that they are even in practice since they see so few patients.  Meanwhile, mainstream medicine is looking for acupuncturists who can meet the high professional standards and rigorous demands of hospital-quality practice, and . . .

It is like no one in our profession is even aware that the biggest, fattest fish of all is getting away.  Instead I read blog after blog about how we all need to band together to prevent PT’s from stealing our patients!  Are you kidding me?  There are tens of millions of people who have never ever been exposed to acupuncture and TCM – in the US alone!  And what are LAc’s focused on?  I confess that I have no idea because I am a little too busy trying to help the ones who get it.

So . . . what’s it going to be?  Do you want to struggle and never even pay off your debt, let alone become financially free in your lifetime? 

Or would you like to make it in the big-time and actually have a career you can be proud of? 

Why Would You Struggle And Go Broke Year After Year When All You Have To Do Is Study What Is Already Working At The Hospital-Level? 

Isn’t That The Kind Of Clout And Expertise You Really Want?

I did the work, so you don’t have to!  What is it worth to you to be able to set yourself apart from the rest of the practitioners in your area and specialty?  If you know how to impress physicians, then you are automatically in the top-tier of acupuncture professionals in North America . . . and the WORLD! 


Make no mistake: The strangeness of what we do and the total misapprehension among physicians and patients means that . . .

Word-of-mouth is STILL your #1 best form of marketing.  How else can you expect to impress people unless you KNOW your skills are hospital-quality?

Don’t be a statistic.  Get clear on what you can do to take control of your career.  Acupuncture and holistic Chinese medicine is on a massive trajectory toward maturity within the mainstream.  You only have a few short years to take advantage of this window of opportunity. 

This material can dramatically SHORTEN YOUR LEARNING CURVE and set you on a path to mainstream success and major career satisfaction. 

  • Don’t you secretly want the major-league prestige and satisfaction that comes from working at the highest level?
  • Wouldn’t it be great to be among the pioneers in the Chinese medical profession during this new era of opportunity and reform?
  • Wouldn’t you feel like a winner if you could walk into ANY setting and impress people with your clinical skills – including skeptical physicians and lay-patients who want and need what you offer?


Normally $1597  SAVE $1200

Get Started on a Career-path To Mainstream Success with


YES Christian, send me Ultimate Clinical Skills for just $397 worth 55 CEU/PDA’s from NCCAOM and California Acupuncture Board on a flash drive so I can get started on my journey into mainstream medicine and so I can save myself years of costly effort and struggle by learning what works from people who have already achieved success in hospitals and mainstream settings.

I want to know that my clinical skills will never let me down and that I can confidently walk into any setting and deliver the highest, hospital-quality version of acupuncture and holistic Chinese medicine in a way that physicians and 21st century patients respect!

I’m ready and committed to making an impact at the highest level!

      **All Courses approved by NCCAOM and California Acupuncture Board for  CEU/PDA credit

30-Day Money Guarantee

If you don’t agree that HBA training is worth what you paid, I don’t want your money.  Simply say so within 30 days of receipt of your materials and I will refund your purchase price.

Normally $1597  SAVE $1200


Christian Nix is a graduate of the first-ever Master’s degree program for integrative healthcare administration.  Prior to obtaining his degree, he completed a 5-year apprenticeship in acupuncture and holistic Chinese medicine while living in the rural highlands of Guatemala – allowing him to achieve Board Certification in 2005.  He currently runs training ‘boot camps’ and hospital externships to aid other licensed acupuncturists in their efforts to make an impact within mainstream medical settings.  He is the author of 6 books including, Tao of Integration, Hospital Based Acupuncture Essentials, Bridging the Chasm: How to Talk to Physicians About What Matters to THEM! (which he co-authored with Dr. Raford) and Patient Empowerment and Self-care.  In addition to his teaching schedule, Christian has been a top-performer among acupuncturists on-board cruise ships.  He has lectured at medical conferences from Jerusalem, Israel to Colombia, South America and is a frequent contributor to industry publications on the topic of mainstream practice.  Christian is also an avid dancer and an aspiring super-hero and family man.