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First, I read the Tao of Integration Vol. 2 this weekend. Twice!! I couldn't put it down. I found every passage relevant. I think I have a different understanding of the work and also I hold myself in a different position in relation to the field of TCM now. Anyway, I really loved it!

- Kim Close, Chicago, IL

Tao of Integration is a fresh approach to revising much of the misunderstanding and miscommunication about medical systems and the trend toward integration of medicine in the 21st century.

Why is conventional medicine the target of so much criticism from patients with chronic disease? What are the vicissitudes of integration in medicine? This book is a ‘lens’ through which the reader may better understand the issues and challenges – as well as many of the existing solutions – in the achievement of a widespread, competent and professional standard of integration in medicine.

Written for medical professionals and students of all disciplines, the Tao of Integration nonetheless contains much insight for the lay-patient who seeks better understanding of how best to manage conditions of illness – their own or that of a loved one.